Monday, July 20, 2009

Fabulous Hostess Gifts

Looking for that perfect gift for your shower hostess? Wanting to bring something for the Mother of the Bride to your next engagement party? Try some of these beautiful, traditional ideas.

Everyone has an apron, but not everyone has one they can feel flirty and sexy in once the company arrives. Give her a satin Black Tie Party Apron, $29. Pearls shown: (top to bottom) Grace Kelly Necklace $229, Bubble Pearl Necklace $98, MEG Elise Necklace $249, Grandmother's Pearl Set $328.

Candles are always a favorite hostess gift. A fabulous gift for anyone since they can be used anywhere and anytime. Candles shown: (clockwise from top right) "Bonjour~Bonne Nuit" Linen Scented Candle $24, Seda France Elegant Gardenia $32, Bon Chic Sugar Blossom Lime and Pink Frangipani lily $13.50 each.

Another timeless and useful gift? Soaps and Sachets! Be it hostess soaps, petite squares, or giant bars, everyone can always use some fancy soaps. Soaps shown: (clockwise from top right) Petite Lavender Soaps $1.50 each, Eiffel Fancy Soap Bar $9.50, French Phrases Lavender Sachets $7.50 each, Set of 7 Olive Oil Soaps $18.

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  1. Heap on the wood!-the wind is chill;
    But let it whistle as it will,
    We'll keep our Christmas merry still.!.. hope a good week end and good blogging!!!