Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why We Love Custom Designed MEG Jewelry

I wear some MEG custom designed earrings to my cousin's wedding.
All of us at The Left Bank Jewelry love the fantastic designs of MEG Jewelry. Here are a few reasons why we heart her collection. MEG designs...

*Unique, fresh pieces that you’ll be hard pressed to find another Bride wearing.
*Versatile pieces ripe with re-wearability.
*Convertible pieces, take them from backdrop to bracelet, bracelet to extended necklace.
*Cool new design concepts like cornflake pearls or pearls embedded with Swarovski stones.
*Awesome colors – sparkle in clear silver backed or new temptation purple.
*All totally handmade in the USA.
*Feel good to wear – it’s sturdy and high quality.
Shop a small selection here, or pop into the shop for a custom consultation.

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