Friday, November 13, 2009

Ribbon Bridal Headpieces

Ribbons are one of the sweetest and most romantic bridal looks, perfect for placing atop your head.  They're a fabulous alternative to the traditional veil, or a great way to change your look for the reception.   Choose a ribbon in a dress matching ivory or white, or be bold and use one of your accent colors or a pretty baby blue as your "something blue."  Above, Bride's Head Revisited Satin Ribbon Headband, $199.

This beautiful piece has a slip out ribbon, perfect for switching to a different color after the ceremony, or changing to a black ribbon for your first night out as a married couple.  Completely rewearable. 
Deco Filigree Ribbonette, $199

Repurpose this beautiful double sided embroidered ribbon as a sash, ribbon belt, or choker.
Embroidered Silk Bandeau, Jessica Sash, $298

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