Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do My Bridesmaids Have to Wear Matching Jewelry?

This one is totally up to you. We love the look of gorgeous matching earrings walking down the aisle, but there’s no reason your girls have to be all matchy matchy as long as they coordinate. You just want to avoid three ladies showing up in chandelier earrings and the fourth one in a chunky necklace.

A look we love? MEG Jewelry in coordinating colors. You can pick from a variety of earring or necklace styles that compliment each other, while allowing your girls’ personality to shine through.  Better yet?  Come meet Meg Lammers in person and let her design custom pieces for each of your bridesmaids.  The Meg Jewelry Trunk Show will be at The Left Bank April 24th and 25th.  Call us for an appointment today, 1-877-770-SHOE (7363).

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