Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Metallic Bridesmaid shoes

Want all your bridesmaids in matching footwear?  Make their day by selecting versatile, fashionable metallic shoes that are high on the "wear it again" scale.  Silver and gold shoes match almost anything and are a great alternative to black.  The Selena ($88, above) is one of the newest shoes in the Salon collection.  The lack of an ankle strap makes them a perfect pick for a tea length dress.  Available in Silver or Gold.

Riveria and Flamingo feature tall and short heels with matching fronts.  These shoes are great if your girls all want different heel heights.  Available in Bronze, Gold, or Silver, $56 each.

The Gina shoe is a great choice for bridesmaids on a budget.  And the short heel is great for tall ladies.  Available in Silver, $46.

A simple shoe matches almost any dress, but the sparkly bead on the strap will jazz up any outfit.  Capri boasts a moderate heel height and a wide base, perfect for an outdoor wedding.  Don't forget the Footpetals, this shoe needs them.  Available in Silver or Gold, $75.

Our most popular bridesmaid shoe, Jessica is super comfy and easily dressed up with a sparkly shoe clip.  Available in Gold or Silver, $75.

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