Monday, May 2, 2011

Pearl & Vintage Crystal Wedding Jewelry

"Something Old" AND "Something New"

We love the look of vintage jewelry, but sometimes matching those vintage pieces to modern gowns can be tricky.  That's why we adore this line of vintage jewelry converted to new pieces by a local Chicago designer.  All the crystal pieces shown here are vintage, but given new life with contemporary pearls and updated clasps.  A perfect gift for any bride!  Shown above, Sorrel Necklace, $269, five creamy strands of pearls mixed with a gorgeous, statement necklace style crystal piece.

Since all these pieces are new to us and one of a kind, contact our shop for availability.

Sophisticated Earrings, $88

Josephine Bracelet, $138.

Six strand Mandolin Bracelet, $224

Double stranded necklack with deep, black crystal accents that can be worn in front, back, or on the side.   Eloise, $196.

Check something off your our shop for availability.

What are you wearing for your "something old?"  Do you like the idea of combining "something old" with "something new" or are you going the traditional route with two separate pieces?

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