Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Visit To Regina B. Couture Wedding Accessory Designer

We often get the question at our boutique, "Where do you get all of your jewelry?"
The answer is; so, so many small studios and artisans across the country. For many years, we begged to carry the gorgeous and intricate designs of Regina B. NYC but since her studio has very limited production, she was hesitant to let us carry it at our Chicago boutique. After a few year's, our persistence paid off and she allowed us to visit her studio in New York City's fashion district.  For a lover of antique and vintage jewelry, we were in heaven!

Welcome to Regina B., purveyor of simply amazing wedding jewelry!
Regina's Studio Desk, the work of a true artist!
Matching freshwater pearls in no easy task!
 Thousands of tiny jewelry findings ready to get plated and hand set with Swarovski Crystals
A Finished Masterpiece, a Grande Statement Headpiece!

Watch the video below and visit The Left Bank to see Regina B's gorgeous, vintage style wedding jewelry.

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