Tuesday, July 10, 2012

La Gartier Designer Wedding Garters

Some bride's either love or hate the idea of wearing a wedding garter, but these new designer wedding garters made by La Gartier will make you really want to wear one! The wedding garter tradition has changed drastically over the years.  The tradition began as a way to prove the consummation of marriage and by the husband removing the garter (by witnesses in the bedroom, gasp!) was proof.  Today, the wedding garter toss is a fun element to add to your wedding reception and the lucky man who catches it is said to be the next to be married.

La Gartier Wedding Garters specializes in luxe garters that are refined and elegant. Some of them can be created specifically for a bride with amazing detail! Each garter is created by hand and they are all very sophisticated of fine quality.  See the complete collection on our website The Left Bank Jewelry & Bridal Finery in the Accessories department under wedding garters.

The popular "Isabella" is stunning and available in both silk white and ivory with a gorgeous brooch embellishment
The "Pierce" Garter is made of baby blue dupioni silk with a gorgeous pearl adornment.
If you do not prefer pearls, we make this with an all crystal rendition. This will make the perfect "Somthing Blue"
 The "Corrie" garter is crafted of delicate chantilly lace with silk ribbon and a diamante embellishment
The "Janice" Lace Garter with a soft champagne silk ribbon and a precious locket
Place a photo of a loved one inside to create a lovely heirloom

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