Thursday, April 3, 2014

Don't Let Your Wedding Veil Get Blown Away In The Wind!

If you're getting married outside and wearing a wedding veil, don't worry about your wedding veil getting blown away in the wind! These incredible new veil weights designed by California wedding planner extraordinaire, Jill Watson who knows first hand how a veil disaster can wreak havoc on great wedding photos.  These magnetic wedding veil weights are specially designed to be as light weight as possible and tested not to tear a precious wedding veil. They simply slip on and off your veil and are not permanent.  Perfect for beach weddings, island weddings, outdoor weddings, sunset wedding ceremonies and of course, Windy City Chicago Weddings!

Choose from 4 styles of magnetic veil weights; Pearl round & oval and Crystal round & oval.
They are created in sets of 6 magnetic veil weights, most veils require 4-6 and typically placed 12-18" apart.  One of the best wedding veil inventions...when the wind blows, your veil will not!
Available at Priced at $57 for a set of 6 wedding veil weights.
Now on sale for a limited time! Please view our site for the sale price of $28.50!
Click on "Finishing Touches", then on "Ceremony & Reception Items"

Magnetic Veil Weights, Four Styles To Choose From

This is a perfect example of a beach wedding bride who needs magnetic veil weights!

Save The Veil Magnetic Veil Weights are so easy and simple to use!

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