Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spray Tanning Tips for Your Wedding Day!

Tanning Salons and spas offer an array of airbrush tanning choices and many come on site which is so helpful for the week before your wedding! Here are a few tips for you before you go out in the airbrush tanning world before the big day. Merci beaucoup for viewing
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TIP # 1    Before you go, exfoliate super well. Using a salt or sugar scrub and pumice stone (for your feet) scrub your skin to remove any dead skin especially around your feet, ankles and heels.  Dry skin will absorb the color differently and makes the tan look uneven. You will also want to shave your legs prior to your tan a solid 8 hours prior to the airbrush tan. Avoid wearing moisturizer and makeup as it can act as a barrier to the solution.  Plan your undergarments accordingly. The solution will get all over your undergarments, so wear an old swim suit or plan to go nude, if you’re comfortable with that.

TIP # 2    Give yourself plenty of time to dry after the spray session. Make sure the solution is dry before putting your clothes back on. Any wiping or rubbing clothes on the wet solution will compromise your tan.  Also, if you are driving, place a towel down on the seat and avoid working out and perspiring….I speak from experience here! The typical time to allow is approximately 30 minutes.

TIP #3    Plan your day to allow 8-10 hours afterward of no showering or tight-fitting clothes. We recommend getting a pedicure before getting an airbrush tan.    As time wears on so will your tan. You will gradually fade each day, so I suggest getting your tan 2-3 days before your event and not using any products or soaps that will scrub away your skin/tan.  Going for a wedding gown fitting?  Plan on getting your tan at least 3 days prior so nothing rubs off on your gown.  Chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs can remove and definitely shorten the longevity of your tan, so avoid that!

TIP #4    Always do a practice run at least a month before your wedding to decide on the right shade and get to know the technician that is spraying you.  Try a tan before for your bachelorette bash as a trial run to make sure it’s right for you.  A typical tan lasts 7-10 days depending upon skin type, activity level and maintenance such as moisturizing daily. Shop around and call a few different places. There are new organic formulas that are now unscented...thank goodness for that!

TIP # 5 In case of emergency: lemon juice, exfoliants and soaking/scrubbing will take it down a notch.  That’s why it’s best to test before your big day! These are just the basics but be sure to
ask an experienced technician the do’s and don’ts too!

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