Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Do My Bridal Earrings & Necklace Have to Match?

Worried about creating a perfectly accessorized look and wondering if your earrings and necklace have to match? In a word, no. Accessories should relate to each other but there's no reason they have to be a perfectly matched set. We like a more couture look, pick a piece you absolutely love and find the accessories to relate to it. Wearing an all pearl necklace? Make sure your earrings have a touch of pearl in them somewhere. Want to stick to all white crystals? Make sure you don't pick a bracelet with only rainbow crystals and pearls. Lots of designers design in themes and create pieces that pair up nicely with several different pieces. Find a style you like and go to town. Still nervous about matching up jewels on your own? Stop by a shop with personal service and have an expert help you. Have your heart set on a set? Check out these picks of new sets that we like. There's no matchy matchy here, just designs that relate in color, size, and style. We like The Glamoura Set, $129 (above), and the Chere Set, $109 (below).

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