Friday, October 23, 2009

Wedding Look Part 4 - Romantic Bride

The Romantic Bride

The Romantic Bride is classic, elegant, and timeless. This lady wants to look effortlessly beautiful and in perfectly style for years to come. She is a true lady inspired by photographs of Jackie O. and keeps her wedding magazines close at hand. To capture an effortless and classic look, start with a rounded toe shoe like the Liza by Benjamin Adams. The ruffles keep in romantic while the d'Orsay back keeps it contemporary feeling.

Accent these with the only accessory for romance, pearls. Wear your Grandmother's set or try the Bubble Pearl necklace and bracelet. They're a fresh twist on an old classic. You can top off the look with beautiful Haute Bride French Coin Pearl Earrings surrounded by rose crystals for a hint of color. You'll be remembered as a true classic.

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