Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lily of the Valley Brooch

Ever wonder when floral themed jewelry became so popular?  Like this gorgeous Lily of the Valley brooch above, curvilinear lines and botanical themes in jewelry were very strong from 1895 to 1915.  This period of Art Nouveau, or "new art" brought design inspirations and innovations that weren't from any previous art form or period style.  It stressed hand created pieces over machine production, which made it expensive and avant garde.  The Art Nouveau style and aesthetic remains popular and influential even now.

Wonder about the Lily of the Valley?  The flower symbolizes innocence, purity, and abundance.  A perfect choice to adorn your wedding day bouquet or dress sash.  This beautiful brooch, designed by Sweet Romance, and made in the USA features sweet swinging pearls as blossoms.  Another fun fact?  In jewelry, movement is described as being "en tremblant."

Lily of the Valley Brooch available at The Left Bank Jewelry for $72.

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