Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Find Your Bridal Style

Welcome to "How To" week!  This week all our posts start with those fabulous, helpful words...How To.  We'll help you tackle finding a style, breaking in your shoes, and caring for your jewelry!  Make sure to check back Wednesday and Friday for more great advice.

How to Find Your Bridal Style 

We participated at a recent bridal event called "Find Your Bridal Style" and were in love with the idea.  The swanky event held at Susan Fredman at Home in the City aimed at discovering your style as a bride.  The formula was simple.  Four "types" of brides reveal four different looks.  Discover which one you are and watch the pieces of your wedding day look reveal themselves.  Here are the four styles and our favorite jewelry and shoe choices.  Read on to find out your bridal style.

Vintage Glam
Your style screams dramatic, ultra-feminine and glamorous! When it comes to your wedding day, think luxury with enchanting detail.  Look for the bold and beautiful - pair it with black and you've got a splash of glamour! Pearls and vintage brooches next to a comfortable, art deco inspired shoe will make sure you're in the spotlight all night long.

Our suggestions: Astoria Shoe by Angela Nuran $249, Scroll Cuff Bracelet $98, Pearl & Crystal Earrings $88, Mila Necklace $269, Casique Brooch, $56

Simple Elegance
You are the epitome of style and grace.  You want your day to be exquisite, yet traditional and understated.  Crystal glassware, matched with silver and black patterns speaks to your elegant nature as will your jewelry that is simple, classic, and soft.

Our Suggestions: Chelsea Peep Toe Shoe $130, Bubble Pearl Bracelet $68 and Earrings $46, Veuve Pearl Hairpins $98/set of three.

Bohemian Beauty
You are unique, free-spirited, with an adventurous streak.  You can add flair to any look, creating your own distinctive style.  Look for our floral patterns, pairing them with colorful glassware.  Jewelry that is soft with a touch of sparkle will look beautiful paired with a simple flat and sassy headband.

Our Suggestions: Flower Flat Bridal Shoe $88, Organza Flower Headband $68, Becky Coin Pearl Lariat Necklace $189, Althea Bracelet $149, Megan Earrings, $98 all by Meg Wedding Jewelry.

Urban Chic
Sophistication comes to mind.  Your style is refined, versatile, and contemporary.  You have impeccable taste and an eye for fashion.  Embrace trends like sky high heel, feathers, and giant stones.  With your sense of style, it is sure to look fabulous.

Our suggestions: Valentine 4" Heeled Shoe $195, Crystal Glam Bracelet $42, Glam Earrings by Haute Bride $149, Blush Featherette Hairpiece $129.  We also love the brand new glam all crystal shoes by Benjamin Adams (not shown) which have debuted to rave reviews.

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