Friday, August 20, 2010

Unique Ways to Wear a Brooch

We all love the sparkling allure of a brooch.  With a rich history and fun feeling to wear, it's no wonder brides and guests alike want to incorporate brooches in to their wedding day.  Here are our seven favorite ways to wear those brooches!

 1. On Your Shoes - Create a custom pair of wedding shoes by having two petite brooches converted into shoe clips.

2.  In Your Hair - Choose a brooch you love and have in converted into a hair piece, or simply have your stylist pin it into your hairdo.
3.  On Your Bouquet - Gift each of your girls, and yourself, with a beautiful brooch to pin on their wedding bouquet.  Or opt for chic initialed bouquet picks.

4.  On Your Waist - Adorn a simple wedding dress or sash with a bit of sparkle.  Set it in the center for a classic look, or pin it asymmetrically to the side for a more modern feel.

5.  With Your Handbag - Dress up your clutch with some chic sparkle.  Invest in a classic, simple clutch that you can use long after the wedding and dress it up or down with your collection of brooches.

6.  On Your Bridesmaids - Pick a unique brooch for each one of your bridesmaids' matching dresses, or select matching brooches and let them adorn their look anyway they want.

7.  With Your Wrap - A great gift for your mother or mother in law, find a brooch that matches their dress color and pin it to a bright pashmina for a custom look that is fun and functional.

Decided you can't live without a brooch for your wedding dress or bridesmaids? Check out a selection available at our shop. There's some online and even more in the store!

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