Friday, February 12, 2010

Monogram Bouquet Pick

No holiday makes it more appropriate to talk about flowers than Valentine's Day.  We can't think of a better time to show you these gorgeous flowers and fun bouquet picks.  Fleur Chicago donated these gorgeous bouquets for our Avant Bride Trunk Show and they made a perfect back drop for the newest addition to our shop.  Monogram bouquet picks are a great way to add a personal detail to your wedding day flowers.  These little beauties are about 2" tall, available in all 26 letters, made entirely of Swarvoski crystals, and only $24 each. 

Here are some fun ways to use them during, and even after, your wedding.

*Slide one with the initial of your new last name into your bouquet for the walk down the aisle.
*Buy one for each of your bridesmaids with their initial on it to add a unique touch for each bouquet.
*Convert it to a pin afterwards and use it on your honeymoon luggage, winter coat, or to keep a pashmina together.
*Wrap them around napkins at the reception for a beautiful, personal napkin ring.
*Make your flower girls feel special with their own initial on their petal basket.

Do you plan on using crystal accents in your bouquet?  Have a fabulous idea you think we missed?  Send us photos or leave a comment, we always love to learn!

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