Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beth's Top 5 Favorite Wedding Shoes

We make Beth think hard and pick her top five favorite shoes for brides from our shoe room, which was no easy task considering we have around 90 different are her five favorite pairs!

1.  Benjamin Adams Lopez - I can't get enough of this sparkly shoe.  $499

2.  Grazia Vanessa - Sexy, stylish, and sparkly.  I have a pair in black and love them.  $195

3.  Grazia Valentine - These sleek shoes feel very fashion forward and runway with their 4" heels.  $195

4.  Salon Jessica - Simple and super comfy.  These strappy sandals go with everything and come in lots of colors, I have them in metallic silver.  $75

5.  Benjamin Adams Winslet - I like the modern and vintage twist these heels have with the peep toe, rouched fabric, and deco brooch.  $220.

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