Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something Old & Something New Necklaces

Bridal necklaces that give you something old and something new all in one?  Yes please!  We love the 2010 wedding trend of blending new and old.  Young designers Alex Agudo (above) and Penellibele (below) both hand created gorgeous pearl necklaces with antique finishes.  Who said going green meant you couldn't be stylish?  These one a kind pieces are created using vintage crystal brooches, earrings, or anything you can imagine.  Above, Alex's necklace was created with freshwater pink pearls and vintage crystal pieces converted from earrings, $249.

 Twilight Oleander, $279

Bring one of your "something old" pieces into The Left Bank for a fresh twist or take a peek at our collection.  

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