Monday, February 8, 2010

Big, Beautiful Bridal Gems

I capital LOVE big chunky stones and giant gems for brides.  Nothing says high fashion and glamour like wedding jewelry with lots of big bling.  Look fabulous in the spotlight with these fun, sophisticated sparkling stones.  Start with some magnificent hairpins like the Chinley (above) $129 for a set of two.

Hollywood Glam Hairpins, $149, set of three

Tessa Hairpin, $149

Rivini Tiara, $209

Custom Gabriella Earrings, $98
Also available in clear.

Patricia Bracelet with ivory ribbon, $175

Deco Chandelier, $88

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  1. Where do I purchase the deco chandelier earrings? Please contact me at

    Thank you!

  2. You can purchase almost anything you see on the blog at our shop in Chicago. We're closed on Mondays but on Tuesday I'll have someone contact you by email and we can get your purchase started! Thanks for your interest and for reading our blog.