Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sky Scraper Tall Wedding Shoes

Valentine $195

Looking to add some height to your look for your wedding day? Tall, skinny heels not only make you look tall, but if you're wearing a short dress, they give you the illusion of slender legs. Plus, the muscles you use to maintain balance while you walk, your calves, end up looking fabulously toned. Check out some of these sexy, modern yet totally classy wedding shoes, all with 4 inch heels (and the one in the center bottom tops out at 4.25 inches).

Brit $149, Crista $169, Letty $149, Bunny $145, Crystal $175


  1. I love the valentine shoes, I've never seen them in black. Have they been dyed? Are they available in black not just white and ivory?

  2. They actually haven't been dyed. Grazia has two styles of shoes available in black, the Valentine and the Vanessa.

    Grazia shoes can be dyed to a lot of colors, but to get a deep saturated black, you should order a pair. I love this shoe too, and it looks amazing in black. The crystals really pop. If you would like some in black, don't hesitate to give us a call, 773.929.7422.