Monday, September 7, 2009

Behind the Scenes - Bridal Shoe Room

Wallace, Marilyn, Renee, Liza, Seymour, Lopez

Meet our shoe room! The third room of our little boutique is home to our over 90 different styles of bridal and bridesmaid shoes! Once you walk past the row of custom designed veil samples and wedding clutches you see our newly redecorated shoe room! Next to the brand new ottomans, we carry the lines of Angela Nuran, Benjamin Adams, Colorifics, Dyeables, Grace, Grazia, Martinez Valero, Pink Paradox London, Special Occasions by Saugus, Salon, and Something Bleu.

Check out some behind the scenes photos! Above, our secret back stock of Foot Petals resides in the tiny drawers under the Benjamin Adams bridal shoe display.

Here's me engaging in the weekly activity of adding new shoes to the shelves. Once new shoes come out of the UPS box, they get inventoried, tagged, and set in numerical order by shoe style. Angela Nuran's sleek, shinny black boxes are my favorite; they have a magnetic closure flap on the side.

Under our antique cream colored bench is where we keep all the shoes that have been special ordered. They're eagerly waiting to be picked up by their respective brides!

Here's Beth reshelving and reorganizing. Sometimes things get crazy and lots of shoes are out of the boxes after a personal shoe fitting, but they always get put back in their homes. Dyeables and Salon shoes live on the stairway in alphabetical and numerical order!

We're always considering new styles and lines to carry. Suggestions? Any other behind the scenes stuff you like to see? Leave a comment and let us know!

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