Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Tips for Being a Better Bridesmaid

Be A Better Bridesmaid in 5 Steps

1. RSVP to all your events. You know you’re going to the reception, but fill out your card and pop it in the mail anyway. The bride already paid for the stamp, plus you might have to select an entrée.

2. Keep the lines of communication open. Respond to your fellow bridesmaids’ and the bride’s emails in a timely fashion.

3. Pay up! Owe the Maid of Honor money? Write your check asap to make everyone’s wedding weekend smoother.

4. Call the bride just to say hi. A no pressure check in lets her know you’re there if she needs you.

5. Don’t bitch to the bride. Hate your dress? Loathe the Junior Bridesmaid? Keep it to yourself or find a friend who’s not in the wedding to complain to.


  1. You're right if you guessed that was me on the left. I was the Matron of Honor for my best friend at her wedding in May 2009!


  2. Who did both of your hair?

  3. Hi Amber,
    The wedding was actually in Council Bluffs, we used a trio of local stylists. I can get the name from the bride if you're interested.

    If you're in Chicago, I personally used Monique Madrid for my wedding, and she did a fabulous job. Her website is

    We also love Darcy McGrath of Beauty and the Bride (darcylynnmcgrath (at) who did the makeup for our blog party this past July.

    Hope that helps!