Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tips for Ordering the Right Size Wedding Shoe

Whether you're a bride or a bridesmaid, finding the right wedding shoes can be tricky. Keep these simple tips in mind when you're searching for shoes to make your shopping as enjoyable as possible.

*Don't wait until the last minute. Shoes might need to be ordered in for you in better size and color. Especially if you're searching for a summer wedding, which is the most popular time, shoes may become back ordered with the manufacturer.

*Go later in the day. Feet tend to slightly swell throughout the day and going later ensures that the footwear will fit you at your "widest."

*Ask for help. Go to a shop that has a large selection and personal service. Give your associate the size you normally wear and be open to suggestions.

*Try on the shoes you're interested in, or at least try on shoes by the same designer. Each one is different and sizes aren't standard.

*If you can't make it to a shop to try shoes on, check out the designer's website for a size chart and measure your foot.

*Don't by the wrong size because you think your feet will "swell" or the shoes will "stretch out" If your shoes are too big, you will be uncomfortable.

*Always try on both shoes. Everyone's feet are naturally slightly different, so it's important to feel them on both feet.

*Have fun and don't get too serious. Shoes should always been fabulous and fun.

Any other tips you think we missed or things that helped you shoe shop?

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