Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The "Ladylike" Wedding

Magazines and advertisements galore have all declared the same thing!  It's time again for soft, feminine colors and ladylike dressing.  The gentle, polished look our grandmothers and great grandmothers wore is making a come back.  This understated look is reminiscent of a simpler time and we love it.  We're seeing lots of soft fabrics, subtle colors, and sophisticated pearls this fall. We love this look on a bride.  Soft pearls and ladylike shapes will make sure you look classic, sophisticated, and timeless on your wedding day.

Whether simple studs or a small droplet, crystal earrings with pearl accents will tie in a bit of sparkle to your sophisticated look.  Left, drops $129.  Right, Hepburn Pearl Post Earrings $68.

While your earrings had crystals with pearl accents, opt for a classic pearl bracelet with some crystal accents.  Clusters of multiple pearls or three strands strung together keep these bracelets from looking too old fashioned.  Top, Glam Pearl Bracelet, $129.  Bottom, Fairytale Bracelet by Haute Bride, $179.  Also available as a single or five strand bracelet.

We love this necklace in soft pink pearls.  Alexia Necklace by Chicago designer Alex Agudo, $299 (bottom).  Or opt for something more simple if your dress has lots of beading like this Pearl Droplet Necklace, top, by Hera's Gems, $195.

When it comes to shoes, pick a classic yet comfortable style from the new 2010 collections of our some of our favorite shoe designers.  Left, Celine has a low heel height of 2.5".  Designed by Benjamin Adams and made of duchess silk and Swarovski crystal accents. $199.  Jewel, on the right, is the long awaited sister shoe to the Grazia Valentine.  Designed by Grace, Jewel is 4" tall with a hidden platform and pearl and crystal accent.  $140.

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