Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Break in Your Wedding Shoes

 Crush dyeable wedding shoe, $88, by PINK Paradox London

Gorgeous wedding shoes still should be broken in to avoid those "ouch" moments shoes can give you.  Here are my top three favorite ways to break in shoes.

1. Shoes on the snug side?  Wear socks and walk around your house!  Grab a pair of thick athletic socks and wear them with your shoes at home or while you watch TV.  Still too tight?  Take them to a shoe cobbler to get them stretched out a little bit.

2.  Shoes a little too stiff?  Hold them in your hands and massage any parts that feel extra stiff,  Think straps on the toe or that cupped d'Orsay back.  Massaging the fabric will help break down the material so they fit better.  If your shoes are white or Ivory, rock out a pair of clean, cloth gloves or make sure your hands are super clean to avoid any smudges.  If you still have problem areas, pop in a pair of Strappy Strips or a little bit of moleskin to cushion any areas that might rub.

3.  Shoes slippery?  Get the bottoms rubberized.  If you're worried about slipping on the dance floor like Chandler in Friends, have a cobbler rubberize the bottom of your shoe's soles.  This is a trick dancers and actors use on stage all the time.  Avoid using those little stick on grips though, the edges can peel back and create a tripping hazard.

Happy feet make for a happy bride!

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