Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cathedral Wedding Veils... Tradition or Trend?

Veils have always been a wedding tradition. Different styles have evolved throughout history, leaving brides with many options as to what they can adorn themselves with on their special day.

While it is unknown exactly where the tradition of veils originated, what is known is that their significance in a wedding ceremony has typically been the same. Used as a cover or shield, the veil would protect the bride from evil spirits before her wedding day and be a symbol of modesty. It is also said that the tradition of the groom removing the veil from the bride's face is a sign of him accepting his bride.  

Just like their history, the trend in veils shifts from long to short, short to long, face and birdcage name it, we've seen it.

As of late the trend seems to be shifting back to a traditional cathedral veil.  Cathedral wedding veils are typically 90" to 120", but any length is available that suits your personal style. Television star Star Jones' stunning veil measured at 27 feet long, which just beats the beautiful 25 foot veil worn by Princess Diana, as the longest veil in history.
Star Jones wearing the longest veil in history

Model Kate Moss wearing a gorgeous ivory lace cathedral veil
Singer Lilly Allen in a Victorian inspired veil
Actress Marcia Cross and her six flower girls showing off her cathedral veil
Real brides wearing cathedral veils

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