Friday, July 22, 2011

True Love, True Luxury With Sara Gabriel

WedLuxe Magazine features Lori and John's beautiful October wedding. What caught our eye about these gorgeous photos was the Sara Gabriel "Wendy" veil that Lori wore with her Prada dress and crystal earrings with a petite pearl drop. Couture wedding accessory designer, Sara Gabriel created the eponymous Wendy veil that features a hand formed silk organza rose with an adjustable tulle wrap. Its unmistakable chicness is what sets her line of bridal headpieces and veils apart. 

We recently spoke to designer Sara Gabriel and asked her a few fun questions to share with you and give you a little more insight into a designer's world.
5 things you can't live without: (in no particular order)
1) My iPhone
2) Lindt chocolate
3) My kids and hubby
4) Swarovski crystals
5) Escaping to the movies with my hubby every couple of weeks for some "non-bridal" time.

2 things on your ultimate wish list:
1) Growing my company to 10 people.
2) That my children grow up to be happy and productive adults (corny, I know, but true!)

Sneak peak at the Sara Gabriel 2012 collection....trends...anything new in store?
-Slightly edgier face blushers...more lace in headpieces (but not like the 80's!)...the fascination with fascinators continues (thanks to guests at Will and Kate's wedding)...feathers abound...headpieces with enough visual weight to make a traditional veil unnecessary...ironically, traditional veils are also making a huge comeback thanks to both Kates' (Princess Kate and Kate Moss).
Thanks Sara for answering our questions in the midst of your busy bridal season! For more information about the Sara Gabriel line visit her website and The Left Bank to find your perfect Sara Gabriel piece.

Here are a few of our favorite photographs featuring the "Wendy" veil
from the WedLuxe post by Ikonica.

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