Friday, June 19, 2009

Do I Need a Wedding Day Purse?

The great purse debate. Do you need to carry a wedding clutch on your big day? Here are some pros and cons.

"I Don't Need a Purse"
*You must rely on someone else to carry it into the reception.
*It’s one more thing to remember to grab at the end of the night.
*More money to budget.

"I Do Need a Purse"
*It gives you a place to stash your lipstick for post dinner touch ups.
*By stashing a camera you can capture moments your photographer might miss, like in the limo.
*You’re given a fab place to stash your cell phone for any pre-ceremony emergencies.
*It’s a better tissue/hankie holder than your bustier.
*An inexpensive way to look put together.

Decided you do want to carry a clutch?

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  1. As a wedding planner, I always end up carrying the bride's clutch. I would recommend spending the money on a gorgeous veil or earrings. They will be photographed much more than any bag.

  2. Very True Misse! I too have carried the bridal purse at weddings, there's always the problem of how to get your purse to the head table...but I'm a sucker for clutches, so I'm always looking for an excuse to buy a new one!