Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Selecting Bridal Hair Jewelry

One of the more perplexing wedding accessories to select is hair jewelry. Be it a headpiece, clip, comb, or bandeau, lots of options can leave you feeling overwhelmed. We're here to help like. Here are our top five tips for selecting the perfect headpiece for you.

1. Decide if you'll be wearing a veil. The size of your headpiece is dictated by whether or not you'll be wearing it with a veil. Ask yourself: Am I wearing a veil? Will I be taking off my veil for the reception? Do I want a piece to wear with my veil? Do I want a piece to replace my veil when I take it off? If you're not wearing a veil, or replacing yourveil with a headpiece for the reception, you can opt for a larger, showier piece like a fascinatoror extra large feather and flower combination. If you're wearing your veil all night, opt for something a bit more structured that will sit under the veil nicely.

2. Where is your wedding? If you're having an outdoor ceremony on cliff where it’s sure to be really windy, you might want to avoid pieces with lots of flyaway feathers and tulle, whereas a tuft of feathers on a small comb would be perfect for small, vineyard wedding. Keep your location, and the weather, in mind when you're considering what style to choose.

3. How are you wearing your hair? While sets of scattered hairpins are gorgeous in a swept back bun, they don't really work if you're wearing your hair down. If you have your heart set on a specific piece, make sure you take it to your hair trial with an open mind, so your stylist can make it work.

4. Think about the other jewelry you're wearing. When putting accessories for an outfit together, it's all about the whole look. Make sure you have one focal piece and fit the rest around it. If you want to wear a very large crystal headpiece, choose that first and then find earrings, necklace and a bracelet to compliment. If you already found drop dead gorgeous earrings, opt for a more subtle headpiece that will compliment and not overshadow.

5. Know what makes you comfortable. You want to feel like a beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day. So if you're not comfortable in a headband in "real life," don't force yourself to wear one with your wedding dress. Stay true to your style and vision as a bride by selecting a piece that you love.
Pictured: Bliss Hair Comb, $195, by Bride's Head Revisited, Photo by Rick Aguilar Studios

This piece was originally written for Today's Chicago Woman Wedding Planner

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