Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hairpins - The Versatile Bridal Accessory

Hairpins are one of the most versatile bridal hair accessories out there.  Small little pins full of sparkle and style that you can slide in anywhere.  These are the perfect way to accompany your hair style if you know you want to have an up do, but aren't sure what it will look like.  A set of three or five pins will give you tons of versatile the day of the wedding.  Create any look you want!  Here are our three favorite ways to wear hairpins.  Above, a set of three is scattered throughout the hair.  Love these pins?  Purchase a set of three Crystal Spray Hairpins for $98.

Hairpin styling option two, cluster the whole set together to create a multi-dimensional hair comb look.

Way three?  Group to together on one side, and one on the other for a fun, asymmetrical look.  And remember, if you need help with your hairpins, you can always stop by the shop for some expert advice.

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