Friday, October 29, 2010

How to Secure a Bridal Hairpiece.

 Step One - place the hair piece where you would like to wear it.  Experiment with the direction you'd like the tulle to face.  If the piece doesn't feel secure, fasten it to your hair with bobby pins.  Two bobby pins, one on each side of the comb, should do the trick.

Step Two - take one half of the tulle and gently insert a hair pin through the top and bottom layer of tulle (this hairpiece has folded over tulle, so there are two layers).  Tuck the hairpin into your hairstyle, hiding the pin.  This prevents the tulle from flying around and gives you a more polished look. 

If you've done step two correctly, you shouldn't be able to see the hairpin.

Step Three - repeat step two with the other half of the tulle.   Repeat this steps as many times a necessary to achieve the look you want.  Tulle veil accents love to be pinned in place!

Again, the hairpin remains hidden.

Step Four - Gently bend any crystal and beaded pieces to compliment your style.  You can wrap pieces around your hairstyle or twist them to stand out for an edgier look.

With this piece, we wanted a more structured look, so we bent the pearls so they wrapped around the bottom of the hairstyle.

Step Five - Stand back and admire your work.

Voila!  You've successfully pinned in your gorgeous hairpiece.  Still need more help?  Don't panic, just call or visit us at the shop for a personal demonstration. Love the piece pictured?  It's the Bow Fleurette available with French Tulle, $98, or without, $88.

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