Monday, October 4, 2010

What Goes in Your Wedding Purse?

Wondering if you need a purse for your wedding day?  What would you put in it?  Here's our top ten list of items to stash in your bridal clutch.

1. A Hanky to blot those happy tears.
2. Mints - more discrete than gum.
3. Compact Mirror
4. Blotting Papers for that unwanted facial shine.
5. Lipstick for after dinner touch ups and pictures.

6.  Aspirin
7.  Powder Compact
8.  Bobbi pins to fix a falling hair do
9.  Safety pins, just in case.
10. The key to your bridal suite.

Now that you know, pick out a fabulous handbag to put it all in.  Some of our favorites from top to bottom.  Chantilly Wristlet Clutch, $120, Ruched Pleated, $109, Monique Clutch, $125. 
Love them?  Here's Where to buy.

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