Monday, October 25, 2010

Designer Spotlight - MEG Wedding Jewelry

Welcome to our new series...The Designer Spotlight!  We're going to focus on some of our favorite designers, why we love them, and some of our favorite pieces.  First up, Meg Wedding Jewelry.  We love this Iowa based designer for her versatility, spunky-ness, and re-wearable jewelry.   (Who is Meg?  Learn a little more about her here.)  Meg specializes in unique jewelry for brides, bridesmaids, and anyone who wants to look fabulous.  She loves an organic design process which results in beautiful pieces.

One of my favorite aspects of her jewelry is that lots of it can be worn multiple ways.  Above and below is the Molly Necklace Set, $299, whose little magnetic clasps allow it to be worn as a necklace and bracelet (below) or as a longer necklace (above).  Another convertible piece we like? The Bobbi Earring.  Check it out here.

Another one of my favorite pieces, the Edelweiss Pearl Earrings, $129.  These pearl earrings are unlike any others I've seen.  Perfect for the bride that wants something less traditional like spunky pearls.  Meg's also very versatile, we've redesigned these (and many other pieces) a few different ways for our brides.

We also do tons of custom bridesmaid jewelry sets from Meg as well.  Her collection of Swarovski crystals, which come in a rainbow of colors, are perfect for mixing and matching with your girls.  My favorite crystal of hers is the sparkly Silver Backed Platinum.  On the left, Melody Earring $54 (also available in multiple transparent colors, Anika $36) and on the right, Alexandra Earring, $65.  

It's hard to convey how much we love Meg without getting all sappy, but we love her that much!  Do you want to love her too?  Like what you see?  Call us to design your gorgeous Meg pieces today.

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