Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Wedding Trends - Part Five, Big Ballgowns are Back

Our friends over at the One Wed blog have released their annual list of wedding trends and it couldn't be more on point!  To help you make these trends your own, we've taken their list and added some fabulous accessories.

Part Five ~ Big Ballgowns are Back!

Here's a trend almost everyone is excited about...big and fabulous ballgowns, back to the princess inspired gown from our little girl dreams.  But this year's styles are all grown up and so are the accessories.  Big dresses mean you need to pay extra attention to proportion, think show stopping earrings and no necklace or statement necklace and studs.  Go for fairytale inspiration, drama, and of course, don't be afraid of a little extra sparkle. 

Larger than life and full of tulle, this power flower by Sara Gabriel will stand up to even the best of the ballgowns.  Janet Comb, $195.  Available by special order.

Extra sparkle is required and instantly satisfied with Haute Bride's Glam Cushion Cut Drops, $169.

  A sparkling sash adds instant glamour and drama to a simple waistline.  Melanie Sash, $299.

 Keep your gorgeous proportion with tall heeled shoes and a little bling for your feet.  Grazia Valentine, $195.

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