Friday, April 22, 2011

Brooches for Wedding Dresses

Vintage Inspired Brooch, $89 shown on the Linda Dress by Fancy
Brooches have become a popular way to adorn your bridal look.  These little sparkling pins have grown from a practical and necessary way to keep clothing together to a stunning, classic way to accent a multitude of wedding day accessories.  Pin them in your hair, adorn your bridal bouquet, or as a meaningful gift your bridesmaids.  One of the most popular ways to wear a brooch on your wedding day continues to be as an accent to a simple wedding dress.  We love this look!  

Here are our top five tips to pick out the perfect brooch to accent your bridal gown.

1.  Size Matters.  Make sure the brooch size matches the area you're planning to put it.  Looking to pin one in the center of a bow or sash?  The brooch should just reach the edges or completely cover them.

2.  Shape it up.  The shape of your brooch is as important as the size.  Look to the rest of the dress for hints.  If the whole dress is structured and geometric, an asymmetrical leaf brooch may look out of place. Aiming to pin something in the center of a bow?  Make sure the brooch is round.  Sashes usually also need a structured shape like a square, rectangle, or round.

3.  Look at the details.  Keep all the other dress details in mind when shopping for a brooch.  If your dress has all crystal details and no pearls, a completely pearl brooch might look out of place.

4.  Consider Customization.  A hairpiece can easily be sewn onto a sash or pearls can be wired into that all crystal brooch.  Found vintage earrings you love?  Add them into an existing brooch or connect them.  Two petite brooches can also be a stunning look.  Think outside the box for a completely unique look.

5.  Placement is Key.  Looking for a sophisticated, classic look?  A symmetrical brooch in the center of your gown will do the trick.  Try placing your brooch in a asymmetrical position for a more contemporary feel.

No matter how or where you wear it, a wedding dress brooch is sure to be beautiful.  Shop a small selection online now!  A brooch is also a perfect piece of jewelry to lend another bride as her something borrowed.

Need help tying that sash before you put your brooch on it?  Check out our step by step guide here.

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