Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jewelry for Beige Bridesmaid Dresses

Brides Chicago has declared "Barely There" colors like beige, taupe, greige, and ivory to be a trend for bridesmaids.  Outfitting your bridesmaids in a beautiful neutral color gives a gorgeous look, and one they're more likely to wear again, but how do you accessorize?  Fortunately, neutral colored gowns have a plethora of accessorizing options.  Try these looks!  Each has a totally different feel, but all look amazing!

Black Accessories

We love the look of black and beige.  It's edgy and sophisticated!  Gifting your girls with black jewelry will make them doubly happy, not only will they look fashionable and beautiful in all your wedding photographs, but they're sure to wear your jewelry again and again.

Some of our favorites?  Clockwise from top left, Valentine Hidden Platform Peep Toe Shoe, $195 by Grazia.  Dazzle Brooch, $29.  Bow Horse Hair Fascinator, $120 by Avant Bride NYC.  Necklace cluster created with Jolie Necklace, $36, Monseiur Pamplemousse Crystal Necklace, $80, and Long Flower Accented Necklace, $29.

Champagne Accessories

Selecting champagne, sometimes called golden shadow, accessories with sparkle keep this monochromatic looking feeling sophisticated not boring.  Keeping with one color scheme allows you to pile on the accessories.  Try Chocolate for a slightly deeper statement.

Try these gorgeous pieces, clockwise from top left, Hermatite Crystal Necklace, $48.  Cushion Cut Champagne Hairpins by Haute Bride, price upon request.  Champagne stretch bracelets, Crystal Glam Cut Bracelet, $42, Embrace Crystal Bracelet, $68, Round Stretch Bracelet, petite or grande, $72.  Kristen Necklace in Golden Shadow, $135 by MEG Wedding Jewelry.

Crystal Clear & Gold Accessories 

Clear stones will make sure your bridesmaids have a little sparkle, while the gold tone and settings will blend perfectly with the neutral dress palate.  

Get this look with these fun pieces, clockwise from top left,  Gold Pave Ball Earrings, $46.  Vintage Inspired Necklace, $82 by La Vie Parisian.  Selena Metallic Strappy Sandal, $88 by Salon Shoes.   Casique Gold Brooch, $56.

Vintage Rose Pink Accessories

Vintage Rose Pink is the perfect color for spring and summer weddings.  Romantic and sweet, pink feels youthful and flirty.  Mix it with clear crystals or honeysuckle pink for a multi-dimensional look.  Plus if you're bridesmaids are girly-girls, they'll love wearing these pieces again.

Our favorite pink pieces, clockwise from top left.  Geo Earrings, $59, by MEG Wedding Jewelry.  Astoria Ballroom Inspired Bridal Shoe in soft pink, $279, by Angela Nuran.  Alexia Pink Pearl Necklace, $299.  Dazzle Brooch, $29.

What do you think?
Are your bridesmaids wearing a neutral colored dress?  What color jewelry will they be wearing?  Are there any color options you think we missed?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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