Monday, April 18, 2011

Mother of the Bride Jewelry

So the Mother of the Bride finally found her perfect it's time for the fun part!  Shopping for accessorizes to match your "MOB" dress should be a fun and fabulous time.  Since you don't have the stress of matching diamond white or ivory, you can be adventurous with your jewelry selection.  Here are some of our ideas for great Mother or Mother-in-law of the Bride jewelry.  When shopping, look for something that makes you feel beautiful.  You should look elegant and timeless, but don't be afraid to make a statement.

While creamy, white pearls are traditionally for the bride, there's no reason to avoid them completely.  Select a colored pearl in a neutral, or dress matching shade.  We love these caramel colored pearls and elegant clasp setting on this Monseiur Pamplemousse Pearl Necklace designed by a local Chicago designer.  This versatile necklace can be worn long or short with the clasp in back, or artfully set to the side.

If your gown is on the simpler side, or doesn't feature a lot of embroidery, make a statement with a chunky necklace.  A necklace that cuts higher up on the neck, like this one, is also a great choice if you'll be wearing a bolero or jacket.  This piece would be a great chunky necklace for bridesmaids to wear with a simple gown too!  Gold Stone Necklace, $46.

If you prefer the look of earrings, or you're wearing a dress that doesn't need a necklace, opt for classic, over sized earrings.  These gorgeous vintage style earrings by Anne Koplick were designed using vintage jewelry molds from the early 1900s.  Square Filigree Earrings, $48.

A short, dangling drop made with unusual stones is a great conversation piece and will draw the eye up to your gorgeous, smiling face.  Labradorite and Vermaille Earrings, $42, designed by Monseiur Pamplemousse.

Another great vintage inspired piece, has some clear crystals, but is set with gorgeous antique patina colored silver for a mature finish.  La Traviata Necklace, $169, by Sweet Romance.

Or go all out with a big statement necklace in colors to compliment your dress.  As long as it's not all clear crystals or diamonds, the bride won't mind.  We love this Honeysuckle Necklace, $42, with a fuchsia or taupe dress.

What are you planning to wear as the mother of the bride?  Are you nervous about selecting your jewelry or are you letting your daughter help?

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