Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Parisian Inspired Sweet Table

What better prelude to our April in Paris Soiree later this month than a delectable French-inspired sweets table! Sisters Lizbeth O’Brien and Debra Lynn Forgue, dessert designers and curators behind Fancy Candies & Sweet Buffets, have some advice for incorporating the Parisian theme into a focal point that will spark conversation and appetites alike on your big day. 
Of course, no French table could be so-named without macarons. The tiny layered meringue-based cookie is a French staple and can be found in so many flavors, as well as colors to suit your wedding palette. Petit fours, the petite icing-covered cakes, are the perfect one-bite treat and can also be customized to you and your groom, such as your new monogram piped onto the top. French pastries such as flaky croissants and cream-filed eclairs offer a slightly-less-sweet contrast and add visual appeal. Rich chocolate truffles in a variety of flavors and fillings look incredible on a tiered stand. 
Speaking of stands, the vessels used to display your treats and additional table decor will elevate the Parisian theme to a grand level. Fancy Candies has used classic Chanel accessories, French poodles, perfume bottles, topiaries, antique cameras on recent tablesand we can’t wait to see what they’re designing for our big event! Be sure to join us on Tuesday, April 24th at 6 PM to admire and sample from their table, and to celebrate all things French. Ooh, la la!

Monday, April 16, 2012

April In Paris At The Left Bank In Chicago

Dreaming of Paris in the springtime and just can't getaway right now?  Save The Date for our annual "April In Paris" event here at The Left Bank in Chicago on Tuesday, April 24th from 6pm-9pm. RSVP to:  Hosted with Ocken Photography, Fancy Sweets, Lulu B Wines, Pure Kitchen Catering and Smiling Toad Productions

Springtime is one of the best times to go to Paris. The flowers are in bloom and the city is alive with color. The city's famous cafe culture makes a reappearance with pavements filled with tables and chairs.  You can still get caught in a spring shower but just think of that as adding to the greenery in Paris. style. The outdoor museums and attractions also open in spring. You can visit the Musee Rodin sculpture gardens where the grounds are covered with amazing sculptures and artwork. If you are not into art, visit Luxembourg Gardens where you can immerse yourself in a beautiful garden setting and forget you're in bustling city. Springtime is a great time to visit the city of love and leave behing a cold grey winter or for a taste of Paris with our the jet lag or spending Euros, visit The Left Bank to experience "The Soul Of Paris, In The Heart Of Chicago"