Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Royal Wedding Day!

Good Morning, Royal Wedding Watchers.
Looking for something to do during the commercial breaks while waiting to see William and Catherine's Big Day?  Check out these royally inspired blog posts...all with a nod to the royal wedding and feeling like a princess of your wedding day.  So make yourself a something blue cocktail, check out our posts, and watch the nuptials.

And make sure to check back later to see some Princess Catherine inspired bridal accessories based on her wedding gown and headpiece!  Happy Royal Wedding Watching!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Architectural Anarchy Launch Party Tonight!

Join Susan tonight at this chic, launch event featuring tons of goodies tonight at Architectural Anarchy!  See a sneak peak of our new dress line, Fancy NY, as well as beautiful headpieces, veils, wedding shoes, and jewelry from The Left Bank! 

We hope you can make it!

April 27, 2011
6pm - 9pm
2229 South Halsted

Chunky Crystal Bridal Hair Jewelry

Our second post in our series on "big bling" for brides is hair jewelry.  Check out these fabulous chunky crystal hair jewels.  Perfect for accessorizing a simple dress or an elaborate hair do.  Because sometimes you just need some extra sparkle...especially on your wedding day!  Larger stones in your hair jewelry also allow the pieces to been seen better if you have very curly or wavy hair as well.  Above, a great versatile set, Marquis Spray Hairpins, $98 for a set of two.

Sweet and sophisticated, Donielle Veil, $187 by Sara Gabriel.  (See more beautiful Sara Gabriel headpieces here.)

Haute Comb, $109.  Will match with almost any style updo!

This beautiful piece is vintage and one of a kind.  Vintage Marquis Comb, featuring A.B. or "rainbow" crystals.
Contact us to see if it's still available!

Crystal Cluster Comb, $98.  Set on a wide hairpin making it perfect for slipping into an up do or french twist.

These pieces are so new, they haven't made it to the Left Bank Jewelry website yet.  So see our Where to Buy section, or contact us for more details!

Still looking?  Check out these other posts featuring fabulous, sparkling hair jewelry.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bib Necklaces for Brides or Bridesmaids

Welcome to our "big bling" week.  All the posts this week will feature larger than life stones and shapes for bridal jewelry that is truly show-stopping!  A trend we've been in love with for a while has been seeing big crystals and pearls make their way to weddings.  These bib style necklaces are the perfect adornment for a simple wedding dress or a great way to unify your bridal party look if you're letting the bridesmaids select their own dresses.  My favorite of our new necklaces, above, is the stunning White Gem Pearl and Crystal Necklace, $329.

Another sophisticated stand out necklace, The Chere Necklace Set, $109, comes complete with matching earrings.

Nineveh Necklace, $315, can be custom designed with or without pearls or in a small selection of colors. This would look gorgeous in vintage rose!  See some other customizable statement necklaces here.

This necklace looks gorgeous with a number of dress colors!  We especially love it with a fushia dress.  Honeysuckle Necklace, $48.

The clear crystal color makes this necklace a great match for almost any dress, $169.

What do you think about the new trend of statement necklaces?  Would you wear a big necklace if you had a simple dress?  Would you let your bridesmaids shine in a bib necklace?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Brooches for Wedding Dresses

Vintage Inspired Brooch, $89 shown on the Linda Dress by Fancy
Brooches have become a popular way to adorn your bridal look.  These little sparkling pins have grown from a practical and necessary way to keep clothing together to a stunning, classic way to accent a multitude of wedding day accessories.  Pin them in your hair, adorn your bridal bouquet, or as a meaningful gift your bridesmaids.  One of the most popular ways to wear a brooch on your wedding day continues to be as an accent to a simple wedding dress.  We love this look!  

Here are our top five tips to pick out the perfect brooch to accent your bridal gown.

1.  Size Matters.  Make sure the brooch size matches the area you're planning to put it.  Looking to pin one in the center of a bow or sash?  The brooch should just reach the edges or completely cover them.

2.  Shape it up.  The shape of your brooch is as important as the size.  Look to the rest of the dress for hints.  If the whole dress is structured and geometric, an asymmetrical leaf brooch may look out of place. Aiming to pin something in the center of a bow?  Make sure the brooch is round.  Sashes usually also need a structured shape like a square, rectangle, or round.

3.  Look at the details.  Keep all the other dress details in mind when shopping for a brooch.  If your dress has all crystal details and no pearls, a completely pearl brooch might look out of place.

4.  Consider Customization.  A hairpiece can easily be sewn onto a sash or pearls can be wired into that all crystal brooch.  Found vintage earrings you love?  Add them into an existing brooch or connect them.  Two petite brooches can also be a stunning look.  Think outside the box for a completely unique look.

5.  Placement is Key.  Looking for a sophisticated, classic look?  A symmetrical brooch in the center of your gown will do the trick.  Try placing your brooch in a asymmetrical position for a more contemporary feel.

No matter how or where you wear it, a wedding dress brooch is sure to be beautiful.  Shop a small selection online now!  A brooch is also a perfect piece of jewelry to lend another bride as her something borrowed.

Need help tying that sash before you put your brooch on it?  Check out our step by step guide here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jewelry for Beige Bridesmaid Dresses

Brides Chicago has declared "Barely There" colors like beige, taupe, greige, and ivory to be a trend for bridesmaids.  Outfitting your bridesmaids in a beautiful neutral color gives a gorgeous look, and one they're more likely to wear again, but how do you accessorize?  Fortunately, neutral colored gowns have a plethora of accessorizing options.  Try these looks!  Each has a totally different feel, but all look amazing!

Black Accessories

We love the look of black and beige.  It's edgy and sophisticated!  Gifting your girls with black jewelry will make them doubly happy, not only will they look fashionable and beautiful in all your wedding photographs, but they're sure to wear your jewelry again and again.

Some of our favorites?  Clockwise from top left, Valentine Hidden Platform Peep Toe Shoe, $195 by Grazia.  Dazzle Brooch, $29.  Bow Horse Hair Fascinator, $120 by Avant Bride NYC.  Necklace cluster created with Jolie Necklace, $36, Monseiur Pamplemousse Crystal Necklace, $80, and Long Flower Accented Necklace, $29.

Champagne Accessories

Selecting champagne, sometimes called golden shadow, accessories with sparkle keep this monochromatic looking feeling sophisticated not boring.  Keeping with one color scheme allows you to pile on the accessories.  Try Chocolate for a slightly deeper statement.

Try these gorgeous pieces, clockwise from top left, Hermatite Crystal Necklace, $48.  Cushion Cut Champagne Hairpins by Haute Bride, price upon request.  Champagne stretch bracelets, Crystal Glam Cut Bracelet, $42, Embrace Crystal Bracelet, $68, Round Stretch Bracelet, petite or grande, $72.  Kristen Necklace in Golden Shadow, $135 by MEG Wedding Jewelry.

Crystal Clear & Gold Accessories 

Clear stones will make sure your bridesmaids have a little sparkle, while the gold tone and settings will blend perfectly with the neutral dress palate.  

Get this look with these fun pieces, clockwise from top left,  Gold Pave Ball Earrings, $46.  Vintage Inspired Necklace, $82 by La Vie Parisian.  Selena Metallic Strappy Sandal, $88 by Salon Shoes.   Casique Gold Brooch, $56.

Vintage Rose Pink Accessories

Vintage Rose Pink is the perfect color for spring and summer weddings.  Romantic and sweet, pink feels youthful and flirty.  Mix it with clear crystals or honeysuckle pink for a multi-dimensional look.  Plus if you're bridesmaids are girly-girls, they'll love wearing these pieces again.

Our favorite pink pieces, clockwise from top left.  Geo Earrings, $59, by MEG Wedding Jewelry.  Astoria Ballroom Inspired Bridal Shoe in soft pink, $279, by Angela Nuran.  Alexia Pink Pearl Necklace, $299.  Dazzle Brooch, $29.

What do you think?
Are your bridesmaids wearing a neutral colored dress?  What color jewelry will they be wearing?  Are there any color options you think we missed?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Where to Buy

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mother of the Bride Jewelry

So the Mother of the Bride finally found her perfect it's time for the fun part!  Shopping for accessorizes to match your "MOB" dress should be a fun and fabulous time.  Since you don't have the stress of matching diamond white or ivory, you can be adventurous with your jewelry selection.  Here are some of our ideas for great Mother or Mother-in-law of the Bride jewelry.  When shopping, look for something that makes you feel beautiful.  You should look elegant and timeless, but don't be afraid to make a statement.

While creamy, white pearls are traditionally for the bride, there's no reason to avoid them completely.  Select a colored pearl in a neutral, or dress matching shade.  We love these caramel colored pearls and elegant clasp setting on this Monseiur Pamplemousse Pearl Necklace designed by a local Chicago designer.  This versatile necklace can be worn long or short with the clasp in back, or artfully set to the side.

If your gown is on the simpler side, or doesn't feature a lot of embroidery, make a statement with a chunky necklace.  A necklace that cuts higher up on the neck, like this one, is also a great choice if you'll be wearing a bolero or jacket.  This piece would be a great chunky necklace for bridesmaids to wear with a simple gown too!  Gold Stone Necklace, $46.

If you prefer the look of earrings, or you're wearing a dress that doesn't need a necklace, opt for classic, over sized earrings.  These gorgeous vintage style earrings by Anne Koplick were designed using vintage jewelry molds from the early 1900s.  Square Filigree Earrings, $48.

A short, dangling drop made with unusual stones is a great conversation piece and will draw the eye up to your gorgeous, smiling face.  Labradorite and Vermaille Earrings, $42, designed by Monseiur Pamplemousse.

Another great vintage inspired piece, has some clear crystals, but is set with gorgeous antique patina colored silver for a mature finish.  La Traviata Necklace, $169, by Sweet Romance.

Or go all out with a big statement necklace in colors to compliment your dress.  As long as it's not all clear crystals or diamonds, the bride won't mind.  We love this Honeysuckle Necklace, $42, with a fuchsia or taupe dress.

What are you planning to wear as the mother of the bride?  Are you nervous about selecting your jewelry or are you letting your daughter help?

Friday, April 15, 2011

I Do Shoe Stickers - Now in Color!

We're excited to show off the latest addition to our wedding shoe sticker collection...colors!  Just in time for spring, the gorgeous "I Do" Crystal Shoe Stickers now come in pretty candy colors.  Chose traditional clear crystals to compliment any style or select a complimentary wedding color (bridesmaids wearing pink?  Show off with pink bridal stickers!) or pick up a pair in blue to use as your "something blue."

Just like candy for your wedding shoe!  "I Do" Wedding Shoe Stickers are now available in clear/silver, blue, pink, purple, or gold for only $16 each.  Order a pair online or stop by our shop to select your color in person.

They make for fun and memorable photographs too, like the one above, of the designer on her wedding day.  Do you love these as much as we do?  Let us know!  We're also trying to think of cute ideas for bridesmaid stickers?  Would your bridesmaids wear stickers on their shoes?  What would they say?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

April in Paris Bridal Event Tonight!

Don't forget to join us this evening, Thursday, April 14th from 5:30 - 8pm for sips, sweets, and shopping at our "April in Paris" Soiree.  

We hope to see you there! 
1155 West Webster Avenue, Chicago 

Evening Parking Passes are available at no cost.

No rsvp needed, bring a friend, sip, sweets, and shop! 

And of course these other goodies...
Snaps by Ocken Photography
Simplify by An Urban Affair
Sweets by Pomegranate Sweets & Savories
Strums by Neil Dixon Smith
Smirks by Smiling Toad Productions
Stylings by Nancy Jackson
Snips by Marlene Hosetian

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Expert Wedding Accessory Shopping Tips

Expert wedding accessory shopping tips for brides to be.  Our top seven tips to make sure selecting your wedding accessories is an enjoyable as possible!

1.  Never be over influenced by other people.  As nice as it is to get other opinions, make sure that you are happy with your own choice.  Take their advice on board of course, but always go with what YOU feel most comfortable on and what reflects YOUR personal style.

2.  Give yourself plenty of time to chose and order your jewelry, headpiece, veil and shoes.  Don't fall into the trap of panic purchasing.  Also, order and choose in advance.  Do not necessarily go by your wedding date, but when you want everything in your hands or for your fitting!

3.  Wear a white or ivory camisole when wedding accessory shopping to help you visualize your look and always have a photo of your dress with you.

4.  Try to decide on your hairstyle prior to selecting a headpiece.  By coordinating a look your selection process will be made far easier.

5.  Take your headpiece with you when you see your hairstylist.  Please make sure the stylist does not spray with hair products as discoloration may occur.

6.  Keep an open mind when shopping for a veil.  It's the one time in your life you get to wear a veil and having one, whether it's a blusher, flyaway, bird cage, or cathedral will look beautiful on any bride from walking down the aisle to photographs galore.  It's more than just a piece of tulle.  And please don't iron your veil yourself.  Veiling shrivels under a hot iron.  Hang it up in a hot steamy bathroom or blow-dry it with a hair dryer to remove any creases.

7.  Women love shoes, so often finding the perfect wedding shoe can be a task.  Comfort is key.  Choose a shoe you'll feel confident in walking down the aisle and dancing all night in.  You'll need your shoes for your fittings, so plan ahead.  Bringing a comparable size heel to your fitting you "think" you'll wear is not advisable since it may be difficult to find an exact match in a wedding shoe.  Start shoe shopping as soon as you select your dress.

And a note about colored shoes...if you're thinking about wearing colored wedding shoes, keep in mind that colored wedding shoes create a drastic contrast again your gown and will negate that lovely long, elegant line.  It's definitely trendy, so if you're worried about looking back on photos in the years ahead and think you may cringe when you see them, opt for a lovely silk white or ivory wedding shoe indstead.

Most importantly, have fun!  Shopping for bridal accessories should be the most enjoyable part of your  wedding shopping.

Monday, April 11, 2011

"April in Paris" Unique Jewelry Event

Bubbly, Bling, and Bridal Buzz!

Please join us for a special boutique bridal event hosted by Out of the Box Bridal at our very own shop!  

April in Paris

Come sip bubbly and shop beautiful baubles...vintage and french inspired jewelry and brand new pieces in just for spring!  Including that gorgeous bracelet above, by Haute Bride.

And of course these other goodies...
Snaps by Ocken Photography
Simplify by An Urban Affair
Sweets by Pomegranate Sweets & Savories
Strums by Neil Dixon Smith
Smirks by Smiling Toad Productions
Stylings by Nancy Jackson
Snips by Marlene Hosetian

1155 West Webster Avenue

Thursday, April 14 – 5:30-8pm

We hope to see you there!  No rsvp needed, bring a friend, sip, sweets, and shop!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Delicate Bridal Garters

We were "pleased as punch" to see that one of our favorite designers, Haute Bride has started making garters.  They're delicate, sweet, romantic, and every bit as pretty as their jewelry line.  At our recent Haute Bride Trunk Show, we were able to see them in person and just fell in love.  Their garters are created with soft silk and silk organza and accented with large Swarovski crystals.  These are the perfect garters to make heirloom pieces!

Available in diamond white, pale ivory, or soft two toned blue for $60 each.  These garters are so new, they're not on our website yet, so contact us to order one.

We know some brides love the idea of garters and some completely don't.  What's your opinion?  Are you planning on wearing a garter?  Would you consider purchasing a designer garter to hand down?  Let us know your thoughts, we'd love to hear them.

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Bridal Statement Necklaces by Haute Bride

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inexpensive Bridal Jewelry - For Brides on a Budget

We know it can be frustrating to find inexpensive and still incredibly beautiful bridal jewelry, so that's why we love finding great pieces for everyone's budget.   Here are some of our favorite bridal earrings, necklaces, and bracelets for the bride on a budget...all under $100!  Above, my favorite bridal bracelet, Crystal Glam Cut Bracelet$42.

Bridal Earrings on a budget?  No problem.  Clockwise from top left, Chantilly Pearl Drop Earrings, $78, Zoe Chandelier Earrings$78, Daisy Drop Earrings, $46.

Pendant necklaces have been gaining popularity as dresses become more detailed and large earrings are thrust into the spotlight.  Our picks, clockwise from left, Simplicity Pendant Necklace$62, Lacey Necklace (also available in silver)  $72, Trio Crystal Drop Necklace, $94.

Clockwise from top left...Glamoura Pearl Bracelet (also available in all crystal), $72, Embrace Bracelet, $68, Deco Glam Cuff, $98.

This is just a taste of our collection of bridal jewelry under $100.  Stop by the shop or shop online to see more budget friendly choices.

What's your bridal jewelry budget?  Is jewelry an accessories an area you wish you could save more in?  Leave a comment and tell us your story!  Do you want to see more budget friendly blog posts?  

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Pearl & Crystal Bridal Bracelets

We love the idea of mixing pearls and crystals together in jewelry to tie a bridal look together.  Some believe that adding pearls to your bridal ensemble will bring you good luck.  We think they're elegant, soft, and romantic, and the perfect accessory.  A gorgeous bracelet created with pearls and crystals is a lovely pairing for the bride that wants the best of both worlds.  Here are some of our newest pearl and crystal bracelets for weddings along with our "tried-and-true" favorites.  Above, the new Nata bracelet by Meg Jewelry, $169.  Shown in gold and champagne, also available in silver.

The Ambrosia bracelet, $98 is created on flexible wire for a custom look.

These two great, delicate bracelets by Meg Jewelry are sure to be worn again.  Jamie, $84 (left) and Alice, shown in champagne and rose, $98 (right).  Both braclets feature a sparkling, magnetic pave ball clasp for easy on and off.

A favorite by one of our new designers, Justine M. Couture, Elizabeth bracelet, $249.  Created with a petite double strand of pearls and delicate filigree backings.

Two more simple and sweet bracelets, perfect for stacking or wearing seperately.  Pearl Vine bracelet, $129 (top) and Vivace bracelet, $149 (bottom). 

Are you wearing a bracelet?  Planning on mixing pearls and crystals?  Or do you think you should just stick to one?  Check out some other great pearl and crystal jewelry...bracelets & necklaces, and earrings.

Friday, April 1, 2011

TLC Wedding Casting!

Exciting News!!! 
Calling all Chicago Brides: TLC is headed to Chicago!  Want an opportunity to feature your big day on TLC’s highest rated wedding show and a chance to win a 5 star honeymoon? Well, if you’re getting married between April – November 2011 in Chicago, you’re in luck!
Traditional or over the top, unusual venues or event spaces . . .TLC is looking to feature ALL types of weddings:
They are beginning to cast NOW so please email ASAP:
Please include your name, wedding date, location, contact info and a picture of yourself with your soon-to-be hubby.
If any of you are chosen as one of the four participants, we’ll give you a sweet deal (how about half off?) on your wedding shoes and bridal jewelry.  Make your television debut in style and save on some stunning accessories from The Left Bank Jewelry.

Bon Chance….Good Luck!