About Us
We are the ladies of The Left Bank Jewelry & Bridal Finery Boutique in Chicago, Illinois. Our bridal blog is here to keep you inspired until your big day. Follow us as we share our practical wedding tips, tricks, and trends so you'll be styled to perfection. You have the perfect dress, now find the perfect wedding accessories & bridal shoes! We are proud to have styled thousands of brides around the world in their search for "Everything But The Dress"!

Behind The Scenes

Susan Metropoulos is the fearless leader, Jill of all trades, master juggler who dreamt up the concept for The Left Bank 21 years ago.  Always a dreamer and lover of all things with a vintage romantic french twist.

Seven Things Susan Couldn't Live Without...
1.  A Good Book - I must have one going at all times, it's a great escape.  I've stopped saving them and pass them onto friends. Still old fashioned and like paper, no e-readers for moi!
2.  Dragonflies - Their delicate lace like wings are mesmerizing and mystical lore have been my personal icon for years.
3.  Pugs - The sweetest creatures in the world, but I'm completely partial with two senior pugs, Phoebe & Penelope.
4.  Champagne - No special occasion necessary...pourqoi pas?
5.  Paris - Like walking into a postcard and where everyday things are elevated to an art form.
6.  Esterlina Vineyards - Heaven on earth in beautiful Mendocino, California.  Their Pinot Noir is nectar from the Gods.
7.  Valentino - Fashion God.  Period.  (And he has 5 Pugs too!)

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