Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Do Crystal Wedding Shoe Stickers

We're pleased as punch to announce that we have found the prettiest new product!  I Do Crystal Shoe Stickers!  These little stickers adhere to the bottom of your wedding shoes as your something blue or just as a fun way to customize your bridal look.  Mindy Cox from Chicago based wedding consulting company Madeline Veil & Co creates these gorgeous little gems.  See her on her wedding day above.  Purchase a pair for yourself or as the perfect gift to the bride for only $16.


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Monday, September 27, 2010

Feather Plumes for Fall Weddings

Plumes are in!  According to Marie Claire's Nina Garcia, plumes are fabulous for fall, and we agree!  We love the look of soft feathers adorning a bride's head.  They're perfect for the bride that wants an alternative to a veil, as an accent to a birdcage veil, or as a fun way to change your look for the reception.  Here are our favorite feather pieces of the moment!  Above, a great fascinator adorned with soft peacock inspired feathers for the bride or even the bridesmaids.  Available in white or purple, $ 68.

A pretty crystal bow with subtle feather plumes.
Bow Accent Clip $72

A stunning asymmetrical headband with high on drama feather accents.
Clarice Headband $149

Glamorous and sophisticated all at the same time.
Mariselle Haircomb by Laura Jayne Bridal $169
Available in white, ivory, or black feathers.

Soft and romantic with extra long feathers.
Vera Hair Comb by Bride's Head Revisited, $169

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Custom Wedding Day Jewelry - Brooches

Every little detail of your wedding day is special.  What better way to make your jewelry as beautiful as you are than by having a piece customized just for you.  A great way to customize jewelry?  Add pearls into a brooch.  We custom designed this Ribbon Twist Brooch with dark champagne pearls to match one bride's lovely Vera Wang Gown.  The finished piece, above, was so pretty, we made another one just for us in classic ivory (bottom).  Stop by our shop and let us custom design almost any piece of jewelry just for you!

Ribbon Twist Pearl Brooch, $88

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bridal Tiaras - Are they in or out?

Tiaras have always been of a great fascination to brides and women everywhere.  They've stood the test of time and are still worn through the world today.  They continue to stand for grace, elegance, and sophistication.  Here's a little history of how tiaras got their bridal start...The first tiaras were no doubt made of objects found in nature, followed by the discovery of gold, and so on.  By the 19th century, tiaras were often given as wedding presents from the groom to the bride.  This marked not only the couple's love, "but also promised the high status and comforts that also followed it." 

What about the tiara now?  The past decade or so has "seen a resurgence of interest in the tiara, not only as a curiosity, but also as a fashion accessory."  We certainly see brides continuing to wear tiaras on the big wedding day, although they've been declining in popularity to their more subtle sister - the headband.

What's a bride who has her heart set on a tiara to do?  Follow your heart and get a headpiece with a subtle tiara feel.  Stay away from anything too pointy and you'll be just fine.  Our two favorites, the Les Beaux, $249 (top) and Printemps, $169 (above).  Or, if you want something with a contemporary feel, grab a piece that's full of big stones and high on glamour like the Rivini, $209 (below).

References: Tiara, A History of Splendour by Geoffrey C. Munn

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Matching Sets of Bridal Jewelry

Do you need to wear matching jewelry?  We love helping brides select beautiful jewelry in coordinating shapes and sizes, but sometimes a bride just wants the comfort of a designer approved set.  So here are some of our favorite sets.  There's no matchy matchy here, just designs that relate in color, size, and style.  Above, one of our most popular designs, the Glamoura Necklace Set, $129.

The Rivini necklace and earrings, $149, are a perfect match of pearl and crystal.

Designed together, but sold separately, Garbo Drop Necklace, $169, and Garbo Earrings, $98.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Visit with Angela Nuran!

See some photos from our fun afternoon with Angela Nuran!  Thanks so much to Nuran for coming up from Florida and to our friends at Tipsy Cake for the faux cake (above) and sweet, glittery cupcakes!

Above, Nuran shows off her newest shoe Starletta, $299 with the optional ribbon finish.  Beth was a willing model as she fit perfectly in the size 7.5 sample.  Stay tuned for more photos of this gorgeous new shoe!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dark Pearls of Grey, Purple, & Peacock

A fabulous fall find....these dark pearls look stunning with any outfit.  Give your traditional pearls a break with these pretty picks that are perfect for fall.  Above 8 freshwater peacock pearls on a silver necklace, $72.

A purple pearl bracelet will look simply stunning with a little black dress or a smashing cocktail gown.  Top, Peacock Pearls with Roundels, $42.  Bottom, Freshwater Pearl Illusion bracelet, $46.  Matching necklace available, $56.

Pearl drops from simple, sophisticated to fun and funky.  From left to right, Pink and peacock mix $29, simple drops $32, and long drops $72.

Where to Buy

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Angela Nuran Trunk Show TODAY!

Don't forget to stop by the shop for your chance to meet the designer of the amazingly comfortable, wear all night long, ballroom dance inspired wedding shoe!  Angela Nuran will be in the shop from 4pm - 8pm debuting her brand new shoe style Starletta, along with offering personal fittings of her best selling Astoria and Eternity styles.  Shop for shoes, sip champagne, and nosh on tasty treats from Tipsy Cake.

Angela Nuran Personal Appearance
Wedding Shoe Trunk Show

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brides rave about these shoes and so do we!  Beth, Susan, and I all have a fact, I have two!  See my pretty pink ones below!

You'll love your shoes!  Hope to see you at the Trunk Show, but if you can't wait to purchase a pair for yourself here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Layered Bridesmaid Necklaces

Surprise your bridesmaids with a moder and stylish collection of necklaces.  With multiple chains, beads, crystals, and pearls wrapped around their neck, your girls will be feeling young and hip.  A great look for fall?  Black and gold chains (above),$36.

Pair a sophisticated little black dress with a cluster of black stones.  Shown above, Jolie $36, Long Flower Necklace $29, Alex Agudo Crystal Necklace $80.

Subtle silver with a hint of pearl can be dressed up or down.  Shown above, Long Necklace with beads and fabric, $48  (also available in gold).

Simple glittering balls of gold would look smashing with almost any dress.  Shown above, Sugar Ball Necklace $29 (one shown) and Sugar Ball Lariat $36 (two shown).

Love this idea?  See more long necklaces perfect for layering here.

Where to Buy

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Why We Wear Pearls at Weddings

Pearls are considered timeless, elegant, and a staple of the bride's attire.  Grandmothers often pass down pearls for their granddaughters to wear as they walk down the aisle. But why?  Pearls are one of the oldest jewels, often gifted to brides because of they symbolize purity and innocence.  They are also said to prevent crying.  How was the tradition started?  According to
In the Rigveda, an ancient Hindu book dating back to 1000 B.C. Krishna, the preserver, brought forth pearls from the depths of the sea to give to his daughter on her wedding day. Thus started the tradition of giving pearls to the bride.
Pearls have been worn throughout history, immortalized in paintings and written memories.  Queens of England are some of the most popular subjects, from Anne Boleyn's pearl necklace with a dangling "B" to Queen Elizabeth II's strands of creamy pearls worn when she wed Prince Phillip.  Check out this fabulous post on pearls throughout history for more info.

Bubble Pearl Earrings, $46 and Bracelet, $68

The pearl's long association with royalty has given them an aura of good taste and sophistication.  Bride's now often opt for a pearl and crystal combination to give them the best of both worlds.  We love the look of pearls whether draped along the neck, worn on the ears, pinned into the hair, or even on shoe clips, brooches, and clutches.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Angela Nuran Trunk Show - Wedding Shoes

Angela Nuran Personal Appearance 
& Wedding Shoe Trunk Show

Meet shoe designer, professional dancer, and choreographer Angela Nuran for a one night only personal appearance.  Angela will personally fit you in her amazingly comfortable ballroom dance inspired wedding shoes.  Sip cocktails and enjoy sweets by Tipsycake while seeing the national debut of the brand new style, Starletta.

Special Trunk Show Hours:
Thursday, September 16th
Appointments Suggested 

See what brides are saying about their amazing Angela Nuran wedding shoes!  Here's just a small sampling of her happy brides...learn more at 

"Loved them. Forgot I had feet that night. Seriously, they are fabulous."
- Joni McClung

"Those shoes were INCREDIBLE ... made the evening! I cannot imagine barefoot or flip flops with my wedding gown. There is just something about a woman in heels and a bride should have her shoes on! Thank you for such happy feet.I will be MORE than happy to tell brides they can NOT go wrong with buying these shoes!."
- Mindy Shapiro

"My mom and I wouldn't have made it through the night without your shoes! They're like pillows of Love for your feet! We danced the night away! And in good style!"
- Kristen Fremmel

Can't make the trunk show?  Don't worry, shop all of the Angela Nuran Shoes here.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The "Ladylike" Wedding

Magazines and advertisements galore have all declared the same thing!  It's time again for soft, feminine colors and ladylike dressing.  The gentle, polished look our grandmothers and great grandmothers wore is making a come back.  This understated look is reminiscent of a simpler time and we love it.  We're seeing lots of soft fabrics, subtle colors, and sophisticated pearls this fall. We love this look on a bride.  Soft pearls and ladylike shapes will make sure you look classic, sophisticated, and timeless on your wedding day.

Whether simple studs or a small droplet, crystal earrings with pearl accents will tie in a bit of sparkle to your sophisticated look.  Left, drops $129.  Right, Hepburn Pearl Post Earrings $68.

While your earrings had crystals with pearl accents, opt for a classic pearl bracelet with some crystal accents.  Clusters of multiple pearls or three strands strung together keep these bracelets from looking too old fashioned.  Top, Glam Pearl Bracelet, $129.  Bottom, Fairytale Bracelet by Haute Bride, $179.  Also available as a single or five strand bracelet.

We love this necklace in soft pink pearls.  Alexia Necklace by Chicago designer Alex Agudo, $299 (bottom).  Or opt for something more simple if your dress has lots of beading like this Pearl Droplet Necklace, top, by Hera's Gems, $195.

When it comes to shoes, pick a classic yet comfortable style from the new 2010 collections of our some of our favorite shoe designers.  Left, Celine has a low heel height of 2.5".  Designed by Benjamin Adams and made of duchess silk and Swarovski crystal accents. $199.  Jewel, on the right, is the long awaited sister shoe to the Grazia Valentine.  Designed by Grace, Jewel is 4" tall with a hidden platform and pearl and crystal accent.  $140.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Break in Your Wedding Shoes

 Crush dyeable wedding shoe, $88, by PINK Paradox London

Gorgeous wedding shoes still should be broken in to avoid those "ouch" moments shoes can give you.  Here are my top three favorite ways to break in shoes.

1. Shoes on the snug side?  Wear socks and walk around your house!  Grab a pair of thick athletic socks and wear them with your shoes at home or while you watch TV.  Still too tight?  Take them to a shoe cobbler to get them stretched out a little bit.

2.  Shoes a little too stiff?  Hold them in your hands and massage any parts that feel extra stiff,  Think straps on the toe or that cupped d'Orsay back.  Massaging the fabric will help break down the material so they fit better.  If your shoes are white or Ivory, rock out a pair of clean, cloth gloves or make sure your hands are super clean to avoid any smudges.  If you still have problem areas, pop in a pair of Strappy Strips or a little bit of moleskin to cushion any areas that might rub.

3.  Shoes slippery?  Get the bottoms rubberized.  If you're worried about slipping on the dance floor like Chandler in Friends, have a cobbler rubberize the bottom of your shoe's soles.  This is a trick dancers and actors use on stage all the time.  Avoid using those little stick on grips though, the edges can peel back and create a tripping hazard.

Happy feet make for a happy bride!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to Care for Your Jewelry

 Photo by Melissa Diep

We often get asked by brides and jewelry lovers alike, how to take care of the jewelry they are purchasing.  The good news, is with a few simple steps, your jewelry can last a long time!  Here are our top 5 tips to keep it looking as good as the day it was purchased.

1) Don't wear it in the shower!  Moisture can tarnish the surface of some costume jewelry, so always take it off when you're in the shower or bath.  Ditto for the pool and when washing dishes.

2) Store it properly.  When you're not wearing your pieces, keep them stored in Ziploc bags or in the boxes they came in.  This will limit the jewelry's exposure to oxidation, which can break down metal over time.  Proper storage will also help keep everything free of scratches and tangles too.

3) Put it on last.  Hairspray, lotions, and perfumes are not your jewelry's friend.  Keep everything free of sticky residue by making sure jewelry is the last thing you put on in the morning.

4) Make it shine.  If you notice your silver colored jewelry looking less than fabulous, take a soft buff cloth to it to buff away tarnishOr, dip it in a costume jewelry compatible cleaner.

5) Take it to the doctor.  If you notice loose stones, clasps, or prongs, take your jewelry to a jeweler to be repaired.  Having that stone reset now will prevent you from having to get it replaced later.

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