Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mini Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Looking to add a little something extra to your bridesmaids' giftbags?  How about a petite present?  These rhinestone studded mini clutches are perfect for stashing a few dollars and a tube of lipstick, and at only 3.5" long and 2.5" tall, they won't take up too much space on the head table.  Sondra Roberts Mini Clutch, $36.

Want something a little sweeter?  Seda France just introduced their mini pagoda box candles.  The same fabulous soy fragrances in a petite sized box.  Perfect for stashing in a gift bag for a special someone.  Availabe in Elegant Gardenia, French Tulip, or Japanese Quince, $14.95 each.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feather Haircombs - Part One

Feathers are more chic than ever and the perfect accessory for your bridal updo.  They're a whimsical and fun twist on the traditional haircomb.  Feathers are a great way to add movement to you hair piece whether they're tucked behind a silk flower or surrounding delicate crystals.  Find a pre-made piece you love or bring in a vintage family piece or sparkly brooch and let us custom create a feathered look for you. 

Not sure how to wear one?  A look we love is wearing a traditional veil to your ceremony and replacing it with a flirty feather haircomb for the reception.  Check out some of our favorite feather pieces, like the Helena Comb designed by Sara Gabriel, $169, above. 

Haute Bride Deco Plume Comb, Price Upon Request

 Vintage Brooch on a comb, $129

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Online Sample Sale!

For the first time ever, our sample sale will be online as well as in the shop!  You can start sample shopping early as we've already started putting items on the site.  Everything is "first come first serve" as we only have a limited quantity of certain pieces.  Click here to start shopping now for great deals on shoes, headpieces, earrings, necklaces, and more! 

Here's just a tiny selection of what's available!

      Glamoura Cuff Bracelet $72 $48       


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Monday, October 26, 2009

Should I Pay for My Bridesmaids' Hair and Makeup?

Having all your ladies glammed up in professional hair and makeup is a great way to make your day special. You should certainly give your girls the option of using your salon or stylist’s service, but if you’re going to require they get their hair and makeup done then you should step up and pay for it. Try to be conscious of your friend’s wallets, being in a wedding is expensive. Paying for those little details you require your girls to have is a great way to show how much you appreciate them.  Plus, if everyone is getting ready together, it makes for fun photos.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Wedding Look Part 4 - Romantic Bride

The Romantic Bride

The Romantic Bride is classic, elegant, and timeless. This lady wants to look effortlessly beautiful and in perfectly style for years to come. She is a true lady inspired by photographs of Jackie O. and keeps her wedding magazines close at hand. To capture an effortless and classic look, start with a rounded toe shoe like the Liza by Benjamin Adams. The ruffles keep in romantic while the d'Orsay back keeps it contemporary feeling.

Accent these with the only accessory for romance, pearls. Wear your Grandmother's set or try the Bubble Pearl necklace and bracelet. They're a fresh twist on an old classic. You can top off the look with beautiful Haute Bride French Coin Pearl Earrings surrounded by rose crystals for a hint of color. You'll be remembered as a true classic.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Personalized Wedding Plates

The Wedding blogs are all a buzz about these fabulous new personalized paper plates!  Available from, these wedding and engagement dinner plates feature 13 different designs for you to put your photo on.  What a cute idea for a bridal shower, morning after brunch, or casual backyard reception.  A great personalized place to stash your wedding cake!

Not planning a bridal party?  No worries, there are tons of other categories of party plates to choose from.  Available at Hallmark's website, 9" dinner plate, $10 for a package of 10.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Tie the Perfect Wedding Dress Sash

How DO you tie those beautiful bridal bows on your wedding dress? We went in search of the answer at The Ultimate Bride, a beautiful dress salon in Chicago. They walked us through creating the perfect bow step by step and we recreated it at our boutique for you to see.

Step 1: Place sash in front of body and pull the ends straight back until even

Step 2: Cross the two sides in back and wrap around, firmly, to the front.
Depending on the length of the sash, you may have to do this a number of times.
Repeat this step as necessary.

Step 3: Tie a basic knot in the front, slightly off center, to either side.

Step 4: Loop the left ribbon into a half bow shape.

Step 5: Take the right ribbon and wrap it above and behind the bow you just created.
This will feel weird, because it is opposite of how you would normally tie a bow.

Step 5: The back view, pulling the right ribbon behind the left bow.

Step 6: Pull the ribbon through the loop you just created.
The left side of the bow will become the right side.

Step 7: Pull tight to create the bow above, or pull the bow a bit more to create droopy one.

Step 8: Admire your work, or pop a sparkly brooch in the center.
Brooch Shown: Pinwheel, $88

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Inspired Jewelry

Fall is officially here! We love the rich colors and warm tones that come with the falling leaves. Here are a few of our favorite pieces for fall. Fun pearls, colored stones, and gold bracelets, all make for beautiful bridal jewelry, bridesmaid gifts, or just a special treat for yourself!

Beautiful bracelets in champagne, amber, and gold.
From $32-$68

Brand new pave rings in assorted colors, colored bracelets, and brooches.

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Annual Sample Sale

Our Annual Sample and Store-wide Sale is back!

Shop our boutique for discounts from 10% - 80% off of jewelry and gifts for everyday as well as bridal headpieces, earrings, necklaces, hairpieces, wedding shoes and more! Practically everything in the store is on sale.

November 6-8, 2009

For more information or to take a sneak peak at some of our baubles, please visit our website.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wedding Look Part 3 - The Deco Bride

The Deco Bride

The Deco Bride loves feeling glamorous and charming. This bride channels old world movie stars and wants to dance the night away. Show off your retro charm in shoes you can dance comfortably in all night like Angela Nuran's Eternity. A big, statement cuff with a 1920s pattern is perfect offset with fan drop earrings. There's no need for a necklace when your ear drops will stand out on their own. For added sparkle, slide in a deco swag convertable hairpin. Clip it to your bouquet during the ceremony and then add it into your hairstyle when you take your veil off.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gold Bridal Hair Jewelry

The good news? Gold jewelry is making a comeback. The bad news? Even though gold is gaining popularity again, it's still tricky to find a wide selection, especially in hair pieces. That's why we were pleased to find these beautiful combs and pins all in gold. All these pieces are beautiful and full of rich gold tones. No cheesy looking gold color here!

Our top picks, from bottom left to top right...
Tina Hair Comb, Avant Bride, $98
Fly Away Hair Comb, Avant Bride, $169
Deco Decorated Bobby Pins, Set of two, $68
Laura Mini Hair Combs, Avant Bride, $72
Pearl Hairpins, Set of three, $64

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Bridal Trends - Face Veils and Fascinators

Chic petite hatlets, face veils, and fascinators make a hit with brides!

"This season, brides are all a-buzz about fun little headpieces to personalize their bridal style. Even the most traditional brides can't resist picking up a fun little fascinator to don at the reception once the elegant cathedral veil is removed," a recent press release for Laura Jayne Bridal said.

In love yet? Laura Jayne is here for you. This sophisticated designer is putting the finishing touches on her 2010 collection, and we can't wait to see all the beautiful pieces. Laura is busy working on rich embroidered veils, luxe headbands, opulent jewels, organic bohemian themes, and even a nod to art deco. You can check out more of her petite hats and face veils featured prominently in the 2009 Matthew Christopher campaign.

Our favorite is pictured above. A chic, ivory petite hatlet with accents of silk rosettes, ostrich feathers, and a french tulle face veil, $229. Shown above with pearl drop earrings, $62, and "Grandmother's Pearl Set" necklace with matching bracelet (not shown), $328.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

National Bridal Market Chicago

Every October the Merchandise Mart is home to the National Bridal Market in Chicago. All the fabulous designers come to show their new collections. Beth and Susan wandered for hours to find the best new baubles, veils, and shoes for 2010. Take a behind the scenes look at jewelry and headpiece designer Meg Lammer's booth. We spotted tons of beautiful bridal hats and contemporary crystals.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Wedding Look Part 2 - Fairytale Bride

The Fairytale Bride

The Fairytale Bride is a lady who has been dreaming of finding Prince Charming since the 4th grade. She loves looking classic, elegant, and like a princess. There's no doubt this lady knew the perfect dress when she first pulled it out of Brides Magazine. To create this look, you should let your dress stand out. Pick a romantic and classic shoe with a moderate heel like the Something Blue "Crystal". A sweet asymmetrical bow keeps you looking classic, not like a little girl. For jewelry, choose coordinating vine designs that really let that royal smile shine through.

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See our beautiful Brides and Grooms as they learn the basics of the first wedding dance from choreographer, dancer, and shoe designer Angela Nuran. We held a special masterclass at whiteCHICAGO on Monday, October 5th, to help everyone create a memorable and fun first dance!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Dance with Angela Nuran Photos

Our First Dance Master Class was a hit! Brides and Grooms paired up for champagne and a dance class lead by wedding choreographer, dancer, and shoe designer Angela Nuran. Check out some photos from this fabulous event. Many thanks to all our Brides and Grooms, Angela Nuran, The Left Bank, and whiteCHICAGO! Above, Angela instructs a Groom to Be on proper positioning.

Susan introduces Angela Nuran and gets the class started.

One of our gorgeous couples practices their steps.

Another great couple receives tips on leading and following.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Do My Bridal Earrings & Necklace Have to Match?

Worried about creating a perfectly accessorized look and wondering if your earrings and necklace have to match? In a word, no. Accessories should relate to each other but there's no reason they have to be a perfectly matched set. We like a more couture look, pick a piece you absolutely love and find the accessories to relate to it. Wearing an all pearl necklace? Make sure your earrings have a touch of pearl in them somewhere. Want to stick to all white crystals? Make sure you don't pick a bracelet with only rainbow crystals and pearls. Lots of designers design in themes and create pieces that pair up nicely with several different pieces. Find a style you like and go to town. Still nervous about matching up jewels on your own? Stop by a shop with personal service and have an expert help you. Have your heart set on a set? Check out these picks of new sets that we like. There's no matchy matchy here, just designs that relate in color, size, and style. We like The Glamoura Set, $129 (above), and the Chere Set, $109 (below).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

DEBI Awards Skyline Party

This past Sunday, October 4th was the annual bridal industry celebration party. Every year in conjunction with the National Bridal Market, designers, retailers, and bridal industry members get together to celebrate the upcoming wedding season. This year's "Skyline Party" was held at the Chicago Mart Plaza Holiday Inn over looking the Chicago river.

Beth, Myself, Father and Son founders of Benjamin Adams, Susan, and Lynn.

Beth, Susan, and I with gorgeous jewelry designer Meg Lammers of MEG.

One of my favorite parts of the evening...the fabulous dessert buffet.

Susan with veil and jewelry designer Laura of Laura Jayne Bridal.

Beth and I arrived in style with matching Angela Nuran Eternity Shoes.
On the left, Angela's own foot in her brand new shoe design, Astoria.

The Ladies of the Left Bank Jewelry.