Monday, October 5, 2009

What is a Fascinator?

They're making a comeback, but what is a fascinator anyway? By original definition, a fascinator, originating in the 1750s, refers to a fine head covering, usually a scarf made of crochet or lace. Although the term fell into disuse almost entirely by the 1970s, it has come back into vogue. Now the word fascinator is used to describe a delicate headpiece typically made with feathers and flowers. Wikipedia defines it as a "slightly to very frivolous head decoration." Sometimes you will hear headpieces referred to as cocktail hats, a popular term for wedding guests in England, or a Chapeau. The Chapeau, pronounced sha -'po, is a French word from 1523 meaning head covering that originated with the clergy.

History aside, the important thing to know is that fascinators are the new trend in headpieces and veil alternatives. Brides everywhere are embracing their vintage inspired stylish sides and donning a bridal fascinator on their wedding day. Wear one for the entire day or stick to a traditional veil for the ceremony and switch to a petite hatlet or chapeau for the reception. You can have just about anything created for you...face veils, french tulle veils, silk flowers, ostrich feathers stretched across a sparkly netted fabric. The possibilities are endless! Have fun!

Shop the Photos

Custom designed Laura Jayne piece, based from the "Etta" headpiece. French tulle netting with crystals under a mixture of hand cut silk flowers, ostrich and miscellaneous feathers with green accents, $329
Cz pearl drop earrings, $42
Meg "Elise" pearl necklace, $249

Russian birdcage face veil, $98
Sara Gabriel "Breanna" feather hairpin with fireball center accent and Ostrich feather sprays, $159
Meg "Guenda" earrings, $58

"Charmante" petite veil with silk and organza flowers and feather accents, $165
Vintage Scroll earrings $129

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