Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Tie the Perfect Wedding Dress Sash

How DO you tie those beautiful bridal bows on your wedding dress? We went in search of the answer at The Ultimate Bride, a beautiful dress salon in Chicago. They walked us through creating the perfect bow step by step and we recreated it at our boutique for you to see.

Step 1: Place sash in front of body and pull the ends straight back until even

Step 2: Cross the two sides in back and wrap around, firmly, to the front.
Depending on the length of the sash, you may have to do this a number of times.
Repeat this step as necessary.

Step 3: Tie a basic knot in the front, slightly off center, to either side.

Step 4: Loop the left ribbon into a half bow shape.

Step 5: Take the right ribbon and wrap it above and behind the bow you just created.
This will feel weird, because it is opposite of how you would normally tie a bow.

Step 5: The back view, pulling the right ribbon behind the left bow.

Step 6: Pull the ribbon through the loop you just created.
The left side of the bow will become the right side.

Step 7: Pull tight to create the bow above, or pull the bow a bit more to create droopy one.

Step 8: Admire your work, or pop a sparkly brooch in the center.
Brooch Shown: Pinwheel, $88

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