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Friday, October 29, 2010

How to Secure a Bridal Hairpiece.

 Step One - place the hair piece where you would like to wear it.  Experiment with the direction you'd like the tulle to face.  If the piece doesn't feel secure, fasten it to your hair with bobby pins.  Two bobby pins, one on each side of the comb, should do the trick.

Step Two - take one half of the tulle and gently insert a hair pin through the top and bottom layer of tulle (this hairpiece has folded over tulle, so there are two layers).  Tuck the hairpin into your hairstyle, hiding the pin.  This prevents the tulle from flying around and gives you a more polished look. 

If you've done step two correctly, you shouldn't be able to see the hairpin.

Step Three - repeat step two with the other half of the tulle.   Repeat this steps as many times a necessary to achieve the look you want.  Tulle veil accents love to be pinned in place!

Again, the hairpin remains hidden.

Step Four - Gently bend any crystal and beaded pieces to compliment your style.  You can wrap pieces around your hairstyle or twist them to stand out for an edgier look.

With this piece, we wanted a more structured look, so we bent the pearls so they wrapped around the bottom of the hairstyle.

Step Five - Stand back and admire your work.

Voila!  You've successfully pinned in your gorgeous hairpiece.  Still need more help?  Don't panic, just call or visit us at the shop for a personal demonstration. Love the piece pictured?  It's the Bow Fleurette available with French Tulle, $98, or without, $88.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gold Leaf Hair Jewelry

Nothing says the season of fall is here like the delicate leaves falling from the trees.  Use that gorgeous look to your advantage by adding some leaf shapes and inspirations to your wedding hair style.  Here are some of our favorite fall and leaf inspired hairpieces in elegant gold tones.  Above, these Gold Flora Hairpins by Laura Jayne Bridal are all hand crafted and painted, $169 for a set of 5.  Three large pins and two small ones give you lots of versatility.

New York based designer Avant Bride created this gorgeous pearl and crystal comb.  Laura comb, $149.

This Pearl Leaf Barette, $68 has great scale, a good mix of pearls and crystals, and the convenience of a barrette.

Another piece by Avant Bride NYC, the chic Flyaway Comb, $169, has beautiful, rich gold tones and is the pefect size for the bride that's wearing her hair half up and half down, or brides looking for a small accent piece.

Another beautiful piece by Laura Jayne Bridal.  This long comb features hand painted glass leaves with movable wire sprays.  Phylis Foilage Comb, $169.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

$10 Wedding Shoes Still Available

We LOVE shoes, so we're thrilled to announce our 10/$10/$10 sale.  It's the tenth month of the year and we're selling shoes for only $10 and shipping them for only $10.  We only have select sizes and colors available, so shop fast.  This fantastic sale is only available online.

Visit our website to see all the different styles available.  All the shoes are brand new in the box and only $10!  Shop shoes by Grazia, Benjamin Adams, Grace, Dyeables, Colorifics, Pink Paradox London, Martinez Valero, and Saugus.

Shop the $10 Shoes Now!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Designer Spotlight - MEG Wedding Jewelry

Welcome to our new series...The Designer Spotlight!  We're going to focus on some of our favorite designers, why we love them, and some of our favorite pieces.  First up, Meg Wedding Jewelry.  We love this Iowa based designer for her versatility, spunky-ness, and re-wearable jewelry.   (Who is Meg?  Learn a little more about her here.)  Meg specializes in unique jewelry for brides, bridesmaids, and anyone who wants to look fabulous.  She loves an organic design process which results in beautiful pieces.

One of my favorite aspects of her jewelry is that lots of it can be worn multiple ways.  Above and below is the Molly Necklace Set, $299, whose little magnetic clasps allow it to be worn as a necklace and bracelet (below) or as a longer necklace (above).  Another convertible piece we like? The Bobbi Earring.  Check it out here.

Another one of my favorite pieces, the Edelweiss Pearl Earrings, $129.  These pearl earrings are unlike any others I've seen.  Perfect for the bride that wants something less traditional like spunky pearls.  Meg's also very versatile, we've redesigned these (and many other pieces) a few different ways for our brides.

We also do tons of custom bridesmaid jewelry sets from Meg as well.  Her collection of Swarovski crystals, which come in a rainbow of colors, are perfect for mixing and matching with your girls.  My favorite crystal of hers is the sparkly Silver Backed Platinum.  On the left, Melody Earring $54 (also available in multiple transparent colors, Anika $36) and on the right, Alexandra Earring, $65.  

It's hard to convey how much we love Meg without getting all sappy, but we love her that much!  Do you want to love her too?  Like what you see?  Call us to design your gorgeous Meg pieces today.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Leaf Inspired Bridal Necklaces

Looking for that perfect nature inspired piece to compliment your wedding gown?  Check out these leaf inspired necklaces.  They'll add just the perfect touch of whimsy and elegance to your bridal look.  Above, Glamoura Necklace Set, $72, comes with matching earrings, also available with all crystal.

Letizia Necklace set with matching earrings, $129

Gold and Crystal Necklace set, $149.  Comes with matching earrings.

Marion Necklace set with matching earrings, $98

Annual Sample Sale November 5th-7th

 Save the Date...
Our Store-wide Annual Sample Sale
November 5th, 6th, and 7th

It's almost time for our annual sample sale!  Mark your calendars for our biggest, and only store-wide sale of the year.  We'll be marking down almost everything from headpieces and veils to brooches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more.  November is the time to shop for your complete bridal look up to 80% off!  Stay tuned for more details.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

$10 Wedding Shoe Sale

Help us clean out our shoe closets to make way for new styles.  A selection of our shoes are all on sale now for only $10!  We're calling it our 10/$10/$10 sale.  It's the tenth month of the year and we're selling shoes for only $10 and shipping them for only $10.  We only have select sizes and colors available, so shop fast.  This fantastic sale is only available online.

Visit our website to see all the different styles available.  All the shoes are brand new in the box and only $10!  Shop shoes by Grazia, Benjamin Adams, Grace, Dyeables, Colorifics, Pink Paradox London, Martinez Valero, and Saugus.

Shop the $10 Shoes Now!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Vintage Bridal Hair Jewelry

We love all things vintage inspired, but we love vintage pieces even more!  There's something special about wearing a piece of jewelry that has a history even more rich that yours.  We found these beautiful vintage pieces on a recent shopping trip and couldn't wait to share them with you.  If you see one you love, act fast, because these gems are all one of a kind!  Contact us today to take them home.  Above, mini hair combs, set of two, $98.

Haircomb, $129

Haircomb, $129

Haircomb, $129

Mini hair combs, set of two, $98

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Greige Jewelry

Meet our favorite color for fall...Greige.  Not quite grey, not quite black with hints of amber, greige is perfect color combo for the cool feeling of fall.  Here are some of our favorite greige pieces.

La Vie Parisian Vintage Inspired Earrings
Small $42
Large $44

Greige and Black Diamond Over sized Brooch

Haute Bride Glam Cut Earrings
Price upon request

Genenieve Necklace by MEG Wedding Jewelry in Silver Shade, $159
Detachable backdrop can also be worn as a bracelet.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hairpins - The Versatile Bridal Accessory

Hairpins are one of the most versatile bridal hair accessories out there.  Small little pins full of sparkle and style that you can slide in anywhere.  These are the perfect way to accompany your hair style if you know you want to have an up do, but aren't sure what it will look like.  A set of three or five pins will give you tons of versatile the day of the wedding.  Create any look you want!  Here are our three favorite ways to wear hairpins.  Above, a set of three is scattered throughout the hair.  Love these pins?  Purchase a set of three Crystal Spray Hairpins for $98.

Hairpin styling option two, cluster the whole set together to create a multi-dimensional hair comb look.

Way three?  Group to together on one side, and one on the other for a fun, asymmetrical look.  And remember, if you need help with your hairpins, you can always stop by the shop for some expert advice.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Bangle Bracelets for Brides & Bridesmaids

Clusters of bling wrapped around the wrist of you or your bridesmaids offer a fun, no fuss look.  Above, Simple Crystal Bracelets, $18 for a set of three (2 sets shown).

Our best selling bracelet, the Crystal Glam Cut, $42 each.  Made with jewelry grade stretchy elastic, these fabulous bracelets fit almost any wrist.  Available in silver with clear, black, purple, or bright green stones and gold with amber or green stones.

Square Bangles are a perfectly edgy and modern.  $36 for a set of three.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

A Night at the DEBI Awards

Monday evening finally marked the date we had all been saving....the DEBI Awards.  All of our favorite designers were in Chicago for the National Bridal Market showing off their 2011 collections.  (We saw lots of exciting pieces full of sparkle and glamour.)  But Monday evening was a time to celebrate as several designers were honored with awards for distinctive excellence in the bridal industry.  This black tie awards ceremony took place at The Field Museum amid floor length gowns, bow-ties, and of course...accessories! Here are some of our favorite photos from the event.  Above, with one of the designers of Benjamin Adams, a London based bridal shoe company.

From left, Beth, Myself, Nuran and Allison of Angela Nuran Wedding Shoes, and Susan.

Cool shades of blue complimented the peacock themed evening. 

The Ladies of the Left Bank!

A fabulous time was had by all!  We all accessorized with different jewelry lines from our boutique.  I wore baubles by Meg Wedding Jewelry, Susan was decked out in Haute Bride, and Beth wore pieces by Hera's Gems.

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Custom Bridal Headpiece

Can't find the perfect piece of wedding jewelry to match the ones you already have?  Why not create something completely unique.  Creating custom wedding jewelry is easier than you think!  One of our lovely brides came into the shop with this beautiful bracelet (above, get one for yourself Fleur Cuff, $ 39) and earrings (below).  She couldn't find the perfect gold hair piece to match.  So we used these pieces as inspiration for creating a custom hair comb.  Keep reading to see how we did it!

We happened to have these vintage rosettes in the shop that echoed the roses in her bracelet and earrings.  Then we found a gorgeous gold hair comb that was the right shape for the hair style our bride had in mind. (Below haircomb, $78)

We removed the rosettes from the bobby pins and painted them a soft ivory to match the gold tones and ivory flowers in the rest of her pieces.  Then using jewelers adhesive, we attached the rosettes to the comb!

Voila!  The finished, custom, and completely affordable hair comb!  Having trouble finding the perfect piece to complete your bridal look?  Come stop by the shop and let us design something just for you.

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