Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Contemporary Pearl Wedding Jewelry

These are not your grandmother’s pearls! If you love the look and idea of pearls but don’t want to look too traditional, check out these contemporary and chic pearl jewelry pieces for your wedding day. And if you are wearing grandma's pearls, why not find some chic earrings to go with them?

Shop the Photos*

Necklaces (from top to bottom)
MEG “Elise” $249, Bubble “Pearls” $98, MEG “Becky” Lariat $189

Hair Pins (from left to right)
“French Rhinestone Studded Pearls” $64 set of 5, “French Daisy” $64 set of 3

Bracelets (from top to bottom)
MEG “Jaime” $84, MEG “Althea” $149

Colored Pearl Drops $10, MEG “Jill” $68 (in center, also available in Gold)

*Anything not available online is available through our store. Please call 773.929.7422

Monday, June 29, 2009

5 Tips for Buying Wedding Shoes

1. Go shoe shopping BEFORE you hem the dress. Don’t let the salon talk you into getting the dress hemmed with a stock pair of shoes they have. You want to leave your options open.

2. Wear nylons. Even if you don’t want to wear hose on the big day, you’ll have to have something covering your feet when you try on silk shoes. You’ll be much more comfortable in your own nylons than those tiny disposable footies.

3. Make your toes pretty, but don’t pedicure right before hand. You have to have dry toes to try on shoes.

4. Know the color of your dress. A swatch is super helpful, but knowing whether it’s Diamond White or Champagne is the first step.

5. Have a heel height idea. Think about how tall you want to be or any restrictions your dress might have.

Shop the Photo, from Left to Right:
Valentine $195, Chelsea $130, Maya $98, Sienna $130, Angela Nuran $249, Maggie $140

Friday, June 26, 2009


To celebrate the launch of our new blog we're giving away some bling! Send us an email with the correct answer to the question below, and you'll be entered in our drawing to win this fantastic six stranded Ivory Pearl Deco Cuff!

Question: What did Holly Golightly have engraved at Tiffany's jewelry store in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's?"

Email your answer to theleftbank@sbcglobal.net by Friday, July 3rd!

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest!  Say Congratulations to Liz J., the winner of our trivia contest. The correct answer to the question "What did Holly Golightly have engraved at Tiffany's jewelry store in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's?" was a Cracker Jack Box Ring! Liz will be taking home our lovely Deco Pearl Bracelet. Keep your eyes open for more trivia contests and giveaways!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Martinez Valero Trunk Show

Join us for our Martinez Valero Wedding Shoe Trunk Show. Martinez Valero is a sexy, chic, and sophisticated line of wedding shoes. The brand began creating high end women's footwear in the 1950s in Spain and the Spanish influence continues today in each detail of their unique bridal shoes. Come on Thursday, July 2nd from 2-8 pm to receive a personal fitting while working directly with the owner. See the collection and try on your favorite of this new-to-the-Left-Bank-Jewelry line and receive 15% off your shoe purchase.

How to find us @ The Left Bank:
1155 W. Webster Ave, corner of Webster and Racine
Chicago, Illinois 60614
El: Red, Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to Fullerton.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to Wear Hair Pins

Hairpins are a beautiful way to create sparkle and drama for your bridal updo, but they can be confusing. Never fear, we're here to help you through the hair pin process.  There's several different ways to wear hairpins, each one as unique as your bridal up do.  Here are our top 4 favorite way to wear hair pins.

1. Place three pins at the top of your updo.

2. Cluster a group of two or three to one side.

3. Scatter five or more throughout your bun or curls.

4. Slide two ontop to the side, and one opposite on the bottom.

Don't Forget! However you wear your hair pins, make sure you or your hair dresser criss-cross bobby pins across the hair pins. That way they'll stay in place while you dance the night away!

Love these looks? Shop the photos:

1. French Daisy Pins, Set of 3, $64
2. Deco Baguette Pins, Set of 3, $149
3. MEG Althea Pins, Set of 3, $110 (2 sets
4. Crystal Vinette Pins, Set of 3, $98

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Unique Ideas for Something Blue

Still struggling with finding your something blue? Try some of our fresh ideas.

*Let a hint of baby blue peek out of your peep toes with a baby blue pedicure.
*Be racy and opt for blue undies.
*Add some color to your bridal updo with some scattered ice blue hair pins.
*Have cold feet the right way, with dyed blue wedding shoes.
*Pop some sapphire studs in your ears, or find a dangle-y pair with blue gems.
*Grab a pair of Grazia shoes, with their pretty blue insoles already built in.
*Blue bangles on your wrist, anyone?
*Add a pretty blue edging to the bottom of your veil.
*Have blue Swarovski accents added to the center of your silk flower.
*Wrap your bouquet in white ribbon with a thin blue ribbon for contrast.
*Have your nail tech draw a small blue flower on one of your manicured nails.
*Go daring, and wear a big, chunky blue cocktail ring on your right hand.

Martinez Valero "Crista" (no longer available), Pink "Fizz"(no longer available), Grazia "Valentine" $195

Friday, June 19, 2009

Do I Need a Wedding Day Purse?

The great purse debate. Do you need to carry a wedding clutch on your big day? Here are some pros and cons.

"I Don't Need a Purse"
*You must rely on someone else to carry it into the reception.
*It’s one more thing to remember to grab at the end of the night.
*More money to budget.

"I Do Need a Purse"
*It gives you a place to stash your lipstick for post dinner touch ups.
*By stashing a camera you can capture moments your photographer might miss, like in the limo.
*You’re given a fab place to stash your cell phone for any pre-ceremony emergencies.
*It’s a better tissue/hankie holder than your bustier.
*An inexpensive way to look put together.

Decided you do want to carry a clutch?

Shop the Photo:
Top: Rhinestone Studded $64
Middle: Rhinestone Buckle $49, Satin Clutch $52
Bottom: Silver $62, Petite Fleur Clutch $62

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sole Mates for Outdoor Weddings

An outdoor wedding shoes solution? Awesome Product Alert - Sole Mates!
The website says "Never sink into the grass again!" So I took the Sole Mates out for a spin. As a Matron of Honor in a wedding involving outdoor photographs, I thought they would come in handy, and they did. My favorite things?

1. No one knew I had them on - they're clear.
2. They made it more comfortable to walk on cement and rocky side walks.
3. I felt totally stable on the grass.
4. They collected all the dirt that would have been on my shoes! You can flip them over and see all the dirt your shoes avoided.

The only downside is that they are not “one size fits all.” My shoes had a pretty thin stiletto on them so the poor Sole Mates ended up spinning around a little. They also give you a little extra height, so you should practice walking in them first. But a great extra “pro?” When you do walk around your apartment in them, the rubber bottoms totally quiet the heel, so there’s no fear of annoying your neighbors.

My final verdict? Sole Mates are an I DO! Available at The Left Bank for $10.95 a pair. Purchase a pair here.

Meet the Ladies of The Left Bank

Kirsten Agnello-Dean is the chief blogger.  She joined the ladies of The Left Bank in May of 2008, has a BFA in musical theatre and is the shop's organizational one. She is a self proclaimed etiquette expert and reads old editions of Emily Post for fun.

Seven Things Kirsten Couldn't Live Without...
1.  Calendar Planner - The be all, end all, to my life schedule helps me juggle blog posts, voice lessons, and photo shoots.
2.  Music - I love reading, singing, and listening to great music.  It always puts me in a better mood.
3.  Soft Lips Chapstick - Really need to put a tube in every room of my house.  I'm addicted.
4.  Champagne - Helps me when I'm happy, sad, celebrating, mad, hungry, thirsty, or bored.
5.  Miniture Silicone Spatula from Williams & Sonoma - Came in a children's baking set, but is the perfect size for slipping into jars. 
6.  Magazine Subscriptions - I currently receive 9 different ones every month.  I love tagging pages of fabulous ideas and inspirations for the blog.
7.  Husband - Who also happens to be my favorite photographer, keeps me from taking things too seriously.

Susan Metropoulos is the fearless leader, Jill of all trades, master juggler who dreamt up the concept for The Left Bank nearly 15 years ago.  Always a dreamer and lover of all things with a vintage and romantic French Twist.

Seven Things Susan Couldn't Live Without...
1.  A Good Book - I must have one going at all times, it's a great escape.  I've stopped saving them and pass them onto friends.
2.  Dragonflies - Their delicate lace like wings are mesmerizing and mystical lore have been my personal icon for years.
3.  Pugs - The sweetest creatures in the world, but I'm completely partial with my 12 year old Pug, Sushie
4.  Champagne - No special occasion necessary...pourqoi pas?
5.  Paris - Like walking into a postcard and where everyday things are elevated to an art form.
6.  Esterlina Vineyards - Heaven on earth in beautiful Mendocino, California.  Their Pinot Noir is nectar from the Gods.
7.  Michael Kors - Fashion God.  Period.

Beth Blanton is the resident Southern Belle who loves all things sparkly and is forever searching for the best red velvet cake AND cupcake.  Beth hails from Nashville, Tennessee, love music (and musicians), and all things wedding related.  She never tires of wedding talk.

Seven Things Beth Couldn't Live Without...
1.  Ralph Lauren - Fashion God.
2.  iPod Touch - Keeps me occupied during my travels.
3.  Lip Gloss - Helps me stay moisturized.
4.  Champagne - Prefer Taittinger, but will drink anything.
5.  Digital Camera - You never know when you'll run into something worth taking a picture of.
6.  Grilled Cheese - It's my favorite food.
7.  Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel - Love to keep clean on the go.

Meet the Ladies! Part Two

Photo by Pret a Poser Photography

Beth Blanton
Addicted to:
Starbucks Drink:
Not a fan...
Currently Reading:
Bridal Magazines
Favorite Wedding Shoe:
Benjamin Adams Lopez
Wedding Colors Will Be:
Purple, Teal, & Black
Earrings or Necklace:
Loves to Eat:
Grilled Cheese

Meet the Ladies of the Left Bank! Part One

Photo by Pret a Poser Photography

Susan Jablonski, The Owner
Addicted to:
Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer
Starbucks Drink:
Hibiscus Ice Tea
Currently Reading:

The Tipping Point
Favorite Wedding Shoe:
Grazia Valentine
Wedding Colors:
Aqua & White
Earrings or Necklace:
Loves to Eat:
Fresh Chevre on Figs

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello and welcome to Everything But The Dress!

We are the ladies of The Left Bank Jewelry...Kirsten (that's me), Susan, and Beth! We run a small boutique in Lincoln Park brimming with wedding jewelry, veils, accessories, and shoes. We've decided to channel all our wedding knowledge into this brand new blog. We chat with brides everyday who are on a mission to find the perfect bridal shoes and wedding jewelry and we love stylizing bridal looks and developing visions for the perfect wedding day. We're full of ideas and excited to share them with you.

Follow me as I blog about tricks, tips, and trends for the bride's journey down the aisle. Feel free to contact me at anytime by sending me email at theleftbank@sbcglobal.net. Send me your questions, comments, dreams and fears! I look forward to helping you with the twists and turns of the big, fabulous wedding day.


PS - Learn more about me here