Monday, June 29, 2009

5 Tips for Buying Wedding Shoes

1. Go shoe shopping BEFORE you hem the dress. Don’t let the salon talk you into getting the dress hemmed with a stock pair of shoes they have. You want to leave your options open.

2. Wear nylons. Even if you don’t want to wear hose on the big day, you’ll have to have something covering your feet when you try on silk shoes. You’ll be much more comfortable in your own nylons than those tiny disposable footies.

3. Make your toes pretty, but don’t pedicure right before hand. You have to have dry toes to try on shoes.

4. Know the color of your dress. A swatch is super helpful, but knowing whether it’s Diamond White or Champagne is the first step.

5. Have a heel height idea. Think about how tall you want to be or any restrictions your dress might have.

Shop the Photo, from Left to Right:
Valentine $195, Chelsea $130, Maya $98, Sienna $130, Angela Nuran $249, Maggie $140

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