Monday, June 22, 2009

Unique Ideas for Something Blue

Still struggling with finding your something blue? Try some of our fresh ideas.

*Let a hint of baby blue peek out of your peep toes with a baby blue pedicure.
*Be racy and opt for blue undies.
*Add some color to your bridal updo with some scattered ice blue hair pins.
*Have cold feet the right way, with dyed blue wedding shoes.
*Pop some sapphire studs in your ears, or find a dangle-y pair with blue gems.
*Grab a pair of Grazia shoes, with their pretty blue insoles already built in.
*Blue bangles on your wrist, anyone?
*Add a pretty blue edging to the bottom of your veil.
*Have blue Swarovski accents added to the center of your silk flower.
*Wrap your bouquet in white ribbon with a thin blue ribbon for contrast.
*Have your nail tech draw a small blue flower on one of your manicured nails.
*Go daring, and wear a big, chunky blue cocktail ring on your right hand.

Martinez Valero "Crista" (no longer available), Pink "Fizz"(no longer available), Grazia "Valentine" $195


  1. Have any more cool ideas? We'd love to hear them! Post a comment and let us know.

  2. How about a temp bridal tattoo that's blue? It's a keepsake & photo frame too. Great shower gift, unique & hip.

  3. Great Idea! My favorite one has to be the Champagne Flutes. Super cute and at a great price.