Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meet the Ladies of The Left Bank

Kirsten Agnello-Dean is the chief blogger.  She joined the ladies of The Left Bank in May of 2008, has a BFA in musical theatre and is the shop's organizational one. She is a self proclaimed etiquette expert and reads old editions of Emily Post for fun.

Seven Things Kirsten Couldn't Live Without...
1.  Calendar Planner - The be all, end all, to my life schedule helps me juggle blog posts, voice lessons, and photo shoots.
2.  Music - I love reading, singing, and listening to great music.  It always puts me in a better mood.
3.  Soft Lips Chapstick - Really need to put a tube in every room of my house.  I'm addicted.
4.  Champagne - Helps me when I'm happy, sad, celebrating, mad, hungry, thirsty, or bored.
5.  Miniture Silicone Spatula from Williams & Sonoma - Came in a children's baking set, but is the perfect size for slipping into jars. 
6.  Magazine Subscriptions - I currently receive 9 different ones every month.  I love tagging pages of fabulous ideas and inspirations for the blog.
7.  Husband - Who also happens to be my favorite photographer, keeps me from taking things too seriously.

Susan Metropoulos is the fearless leader, Jill of all trades, master juggler who dreamt up the concept for The Left Bank nearly 15 years ago.  Always a dreamer and lover of all things with a vintage and romantic French Twist.

Seven Things Susan Couldn't Live Without...
1.  A Good Book - I must have one going at all times, it's a great escape.  I've stopped saving them and pass them onto friends.
2.  Dragonflies - Their delicate lace like wings are mesmerizing and mystical lore have been my personal icon for years.
3.  Pugs - The sweetest creatures in the world, but I'm completely partial with my 12 year old Pug, Sushie
4.  Champagne - No special occasion necessary...pourqoi pas?
5.  Paris - Like walking into a postcard and where everyday things are elevated to an art form.
6.  Esterlina Vineyards - Heaven on earth in beautiful Mendocino, California.  Their Pinot Noir is nectar from the Gods.
7.  Michael Kors - Fashion God.  Period.

Beth Blanton is the resident Southern Belle who loves all things sparkly and is forever searching for the best red velvet cake AND cupcake.  Beth hails from Nashville, Tennessee, love music (and musicians), and all things wedding related.  She never tires of wedding talk.

Seven Things Beth Couldn't Live Without...
1.  Ralph Lauren - Fashion God.
2.  iPod Touch - Keeps me occupied during my travels.
3.  Lip Gloss - Helps me stay moisturized.
4.  Champagne - Prefer Taittinger, but will drink anything.
5.  Digital Camera - You never know when you'll run into something worth taking a picture of.
6.  Grilled Cheese - It's my favorite food.
7.  Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel - Love to keep clean on the go.


  1. Kirsten~

    Greetings from the West Coast! Congratulations on the new blog project. I've been married for a zillion years, have no children to plan weddings for and I'm not connected with the industry . . . but I sill enjoyed looking around your site. Best of success with your new addition. Jan Cope

  2. Thanks Jan! At the shop we wear sparkly things everyday...who says you have to be getting married to add some bling to your life!
    Thanks so much for reading the blog!

  3. I need to find out where to get that comb! It exactly what I am looking for. How much do you want for it or where can I get one?

  4. Which comb were you looking for? If you saw it on the blog we can almost always order one for you. Which post was it in?