Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wedge Wedding Shoes

For a couple of years, there’s been a definite void in the wedding shoe arena for wedding wedges.
Thanks to Benjamin Adams London, we have two new styles that are utterly beautiful wedding wedges. Most of us all love strappy sandals and high heel kicks, but when you need to wear them nearly the entire day of your wedding, it’s not the best choice…especially if you’re having a beach wedding  or a beautiful garden wedding where the pavement and surface areas can be a challenge.

Benjamin Adams London has two new styles of wedding wedges; The “Helen”, which is a sleek all silk wedge with a beautiful crystal embellishment.  This style can also be dyed to any colors. Do you want your wedding shoes to match your bridesmaids color or your wedding bouquet?  We can do this for you, just name the color!  Next up is the “Emma”, a gorgeous fully bedazzled wedding wedge.  Both are just incredible wedding wedge options, so no need to sacrifice the glamour when you love the feel, comfort and coziness of a wedge shoe. Available at www.LeftBankJewelry.com
Say "I Do" In These Gorgeous Benjamin Adams Wedge Wedding Shoes!
The "Helen" By Benjamin Adams London $249 available at www.LeftBankBridal.com

The Fabulous "Emma" Bedazzled Wedding Wedge By Benjamin Adams London $449 and with a Free Clutch!
Available through www.LeftBankBridal.com

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our Annual Sample Sale Has Begun! XOXO

Everyone's Been Asking When Our Annual Sample Sale Is...
It's just around the corner...we promise!

No Appointment Necessary 
Save on Shoes, Veils, Sashes, Headpieces & Jewelry

(please view our website www.LeftBankBridal.com for
special weekend hours)

Our Wedding Accessory Sample Sale Is Once A Year
So many great styles, savings from 15% to 75% Off Select Items

Don't miss out on this great sale! Mark your calendars, folks and get ready to get your shop on!

Here are the Top 5 tips you need for finding the perfect accessories at our sample sale:

  1. Wear a white or ivory camisole or tank top - when going to try on in order to help your visualize your look. Also have a photo of your dress handy!
  2. Don't be influenced by everyone else's opinion. Go with your vision, your instinct. If you think it looks great, then it most likely represents your personality and style the best.  
  3. Prior to finding your headpiece, decide on the hairstyle you're going to have on your wedding day so you know where to place it. 
  4. Comfort is key when finding the right wedding shoe. Look, its not going to be effortless wearing your heels all day/evening, so make sure they are comfy!
  5. Bring a friend! Have a blast together, bond, and have your voice of reason there too help you make up your mind with all of the lovely pieces to choose from! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meet Diann Valentine In Person!

Bonjour mes amis!
We are so excited to be hosting the wonderful, Diann Valentine to our Chicago wedding accessory boutique www.LeftBankBridal.com on Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 from 6-8pm.  Diann created a unique and revolutionary wedding cuff that's flowing with gorgeous Swarovski crystals and a bevy of orchids.  You must see these in person to truly appreciate the design details.  Diann Valentine is known for using her savvy style and injecting it into every event she creates.  She can be seen on her WETV show, "I Do Over" and is a sought after key note speaker worldwide. When you meet her in person, you'll know why!

We'll be serving a specialty cocktail courtesy of Hennessy & light bites.

Real Housewives of OC Tamara Wearing a Diann's fab cuff!
Two Gorgeous Ladies, Tamara & Diann

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Introducing La Cala ~ Beautiful Wedding Headpieces

Meet wedding headpiece designer Paola de la Pena who visited us recently at The Left Bank elry & Bridal Finery to personally show us her exclusive line of wedding accessories for Rosa Clara wedding gowns.  We are thrilled to have the wedding headpiece line, "La Cala Hilos De Plata" in our boutique.  Barcelona, Spain based designer, Paola creates these unique wedding headpieces out of pure silver which is then hand crocheted by artisans. These ultra lightweight
and delicate wedding hair pieces are c'est magnifique!

"Nuria" Crocheted Silver Wedding Hair Piece,  perfect for a Rosa Clara Lace Wedding Gown $189
"Noemi" Petite Fleur  Silver Wedding Hairpin $209
"Natalia" Silver Swag Wedding Headpiece $198

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Meet "Charise & Ginger" By Angela Nuran Shoes

Wow, the demand for Angela Nuran wedding shoes are at an all time high...word is definitely out that these comfortable wedding shoes are a must have!
Angela Nuran created a new classic wedding pump called the "Charise" in a sultry light silver silk. No straps, just a classic 3.5" pump crafted with the usual ultra pillow top padding inside for amazing comfort.  When brides  try on Angela Nuran Shoes, they say, "why aren't all shoes made this way?" Well for starters, these wedding shoes are not mass produced. They are hand made and only 10 pairs can be made per day! The major shoe lines would laugh at this but Angela Nuran  is focused on quality and not quantity.  As her motto goes, "feeling is believing". If you prefer ivory or a different color, order the Ginger wedding shoe which is made in luxe ivory silk and can be dyed to any color tone! The Left Bank Jewelry & Bridal Finery is proud to be the nationwide Flagship boutique for Angela Nuran Shoes.

We love sparkle and added a dose of bling to these wedding shoes for a totally new look. Embellished with our signature "Monique" Art Deco style buckle and Swarovski crystal "tipped" heels, we present to you our exclusive "Mon Charise" wedding shoe, made exclusively for The Left Bank Jewelry & Bridal Finery.  Parlez vous shoe?  We do!  We are self-professed connoisseurs of comfortable wedding shoes and ship worldwide.  We're honored and proud that brides around the world have trusted us to ensure proper sizing, fit and comfort. Visit us online at www.LeftBankBridal.com

The Angela Nuran Charise Shoe, customize them with a bit of bling if you wish! This shoe is made in luxe platinum toned Italian Silk.

The Angela Nuran Ginger wedding Pump crafted in light ivory silk
The Angela Nuran Ginger shoe dyed to a deep aubergine (Eggplant) and "glitzed" with a Swarovski crystal back seam and adorned with the Marquesa buckle

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spray Tanning Tips for Your Wedding Day!

Tanning Salons and spas offer an array of airbrush tanning choices and many come on site which is so helpful for the week before your wedding! Here are a few tips for you before you go out in the airbrush tanning world before the big day. Merci beaucoup for viewing www.LeftBankBridal.com
Get your glow on before your wedding day with a quality spray tan
TIP # 1    Before you go, exfoliate super well. Using a salt or sugar scrub and pumice stone (for your feet) scrub your skin to remove any dead skin especially around your feet, ankles and heels.  Dry skin will absorb the color differently and makes the tan look uneven. You will also want to shave your legs prior to your tan a solid 8 hours prior to the airbrush tan. Avoid wearing moisturizer and makeup as it can act as a barrier to the solution.  Plan your undergarments accordingly. The solution will get all over your undergarments, so wear an old swim suit or plan to go nude, if you’re comfortable with that.

TIP # 2    Give yourself plenty of time to dry after the spray session. Make sure the solution is dry before putting your clothes back on. Any wiping or rubbing clothes on the wet solution will compromise your tan.  Also, if you are driving, place a towel down on the seat and avoid working out and perspiring….I speak from experience here! The typical time to allow is approximately 30 minutes.

TIP #3    Plan your day to allow 8-10 hours afterward of no showering or tight-fitting clothes. We recommend getting a pedicure before getting an airbrush tan.    As time wears on so will your tan. You will gradually fade each day, so I suggest getting your tan 2-3 days before your event and not using any products or soaps that will scrub away your skin/tan.  Going for a wedding gown fitting?  Plan on getting your tan at least 3 days prior so nothing rubs off on your gown.  Chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs can remove and definitely shorten the longevity of your tan, so avoid that!

TIP #4    Always do a practice run at least a month before your wedding to decide on the right shade and get to know the technician that is spraying you.  Try a tan before for your bachelorette bash as a trial run to make sure it’s right for you.  A typical tan lasts 7-10 days depending upon skin type, activity level and maintenance such as moisturizing daily. Shop around and call a few different places. There are new organic formulas that are now unscented...thank goodness for that!

TIP # 5 In case of emergency: lemon juice, exfoliants and soaking/scrubbing will take it down a notch.  That’s why it’s best to test before your big day! These are just the basics but be sure to
ask an experienced technician the do’s and don’ts too!

Get your Glow on Ladies & Get Your Fab Wedding Accessories From www.LeftBankBridal.com

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lace Wedding Coverups

So many brides wear strapless wedding gowns and want to cover up a bit for their wedding ceremony.  It's often dictated by the Church, Mom or Grandma...or the bride simply wants the demure and romantic look.  This delicate lace and tulle capelet is such a unique design by Laura Jayne Bridal in Toronto, Canada.  It can be made in a both beautiful French Chantilly or French Alencon Lace in Silk Diamond White and Soft Pale Ivory. We love the way this gently graces her shoulders.  For more info contact: TheLeftBank@sbcglobal.net
or view our website: www.LeftBankBridal.com
Simply beautiful lace wedding cover up by Laura Jayne Bridal

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Don't Let Your Wedding Veil Get Blown Away In The Wind!

If you're getting married outside and wearing a wedding veil, don't worry about your wedding veil getting blown away in the wind! These incredible new veil weights designed by California wedding planner extraordinaire, Jill Watson who knows first hand how a veil disaster can wreak havoc on great wedding photos.  These magnetic wedding veil weights are specially designed to be as light weight as possible and tested not to tear a precious wedding veil. They simply slip on and off your veil and are not permanent.  Perfect for beach weddings, island weddings, outdoor weddings, sunset wedding ceremonies and of course, Windy City Chicago Weddings!

Choose from 4 styles of magnetic veil weights; Pearl round & oval and Crystal round & oval.
They are created in sets of 6 magnetic veil weights, most veils require 4-6 and typically placed 12-18" apart.  One of the best wedding veil inventions...when the wind blows, your veil will not!
Available at www.LeftBankBridal.com Priced at $57 for a set of 6 wedding veil weights.
Now on sale for a limited time! Please view our site for the sale price of $28.50!
Click on "Finishing Touches", then on "Ceremony & Reception Items"

Magnetic Veil Weights, Four Styles To Choose From

This is a perfect example of a beach wedding bride who needs magnetic veil weights!

Save The Veil Magnetic Veil Weights are so easy and simple to use!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sara Gabriel "Hazel" Ensemble

Most wedding stylists don't go for the "matchy-matchy" look, but if it works, don't fight it!
The Sara Gabriel Hazel earring, bracelet, hair band and wedding sash ensemble are just too perfect together.  You can also wear the sash as a head bandeau.  Our New Jersey bride, Patti is wearing the entire Sara Gabriel Hazel collection! Best of all, you can wear them after your wedding.  Find Sara Gabriel wedding accessories at www.LeftBankBridal.com where you'll find "Everything But The Dress" for your wedding day!
Sara Gabriel Hazel Hair Bandeau $257

Sara Gabriel Hazel Earring $157

Sara Gabriel Hazel Bracelet $197

Sara Gabriel Hazel Sash $257

Our New Jersey Bride, Patti wear the Sara Gabriel Hazel Earrring
The Sara Gabriel Hazel Bracelet, just lovely!

The Sara Gabriel Hazel Sash is perfect over a lace wedding gown

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Angela Nuran Shoes On Sale

From the "Queen of Comfortable Wedding Shoes" Angela Nuran Shoes...which rarely, if ever, go on sale (sigh...) we have a limited run of the Angela Nuran Fancie Shoe on sale!
The "Fancie" shoe is just as comfortable as her other wedding shoes made with ultra comfy pillow top padding, luxe pearl ivory silk, with soft kid leather interior and genuine suede leather soles.
Designed with an Art Deco essence and a pear shaped crystal embellishment (not prong set, no worries about fraying/snagging your wedding gown) and a slender 3.5" heel.
Choose from the classic ankle strap or the convertible style which criss/crosses on top of your foot for truly amazing support, just like the professional dancers wear.  Dyeing available for this shoe.
As Angela's Motto goes, "Feeling Is Believing"!  Originally $199, now $129 for a very limited time!
Shop online at: www.LeftBankBridal.com 
UPDATE: We are sorry to report that this style is completely sold out.

The Angela Nuran Fancie Shoe in Pearl Ivory Silk
Choose from 2 different Angela Nuran Fancie Styles:  The Convertible or Classic Ankle Strap

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wedding Sashes & Belts

Wedding sashes and belts really make a wedding gown pop and accentuate a waistline.  Here are some of our favorites which can be tied in a simple ribbon or made with a hook and eye closure.  Some brides have their seamstresses sew or tack on the sash to their gown, so it stays perfectly in place.  If you're looking for a pop of color, we can custom make them in any ribbon color you desire.  Trending colors now are champagne, dove grey and blush wedding sashes. For more wedding sashes and bridal belts Shop online at www.LeftBankBridal.com

Real bride Jessica, wearing the Addie Sash over her ivory lace wedding gown
Our bride, Marjorie wearing the Addie Sash

The "Dani" sash 1-1/2 wide packed with Swarovski crystals
The "Lovely" sash slightly tapered $299